Bali Pop Tutorial

IMG_0588, originally uploaded by 2ndAveStI have been crazy excited by the Hoffman Bali Pops that I scored from Sample Spree at Quilt Market. So this Holiday weekend I spent some time designing and making a quick quilt with one.

The New Bali Pops come in 6 colors Kiwiberry, Mulberry, Strawberry, Sherbert, Mint chip and Butterscotch. I am using a Butterscotch Bali Pop.
Each Bali Pop has 40 2.5 inch wide strip that are width of fabric. Basically they are Hoffmans Batik answer to moda's Jellyrolls.

I set decided to make 35 blocks in a 5x7 grid each block will finish at 8 inches. I set aside 5 strips. We will see 4 of them later, but you may decide to make all 40 or some subset for a smaller top.

Lay out either a strip or a few strips that are folded in half. your first cut is a selvage edge clean up. Trim off selvage -- Measure and cut at 8.5 inches. this will give 2 pieces.

Measure and cut at 4.5 inches and again at 4.5 inches.

You should have 6 pieces, or 3 pairs, total per strip and you will easily get one block
per strip. Two pieces that measure 8.5 x2.5 and four pieces that measure 4.5x2.5

This brings me to Jelly Cakes, Fat quarters, and Sweet 16 rolls---
For a Jelly Cake (by that I mean a combo jelly roll/layer cake set) you will get 2 block/sets per color ; from the layer cake piece cut -- Two 4.5" x 8.5" pieces and from your jellyroll strip cut --Eight 4.5" x 2.5" wide pieces.
For a Fat Quarter : Cut 2 strips that are 22" x 2.5" and one that is 22" x 4.5"
from each 2.5" wide strip cut four 4.5" x2.5" pieces.
from the 4.5 " wide strip cut 2 4.5" x 8.5" pieces. There are several ways to cut these peices from a Fat Quarter, if you only want one block from the FQ - you can get all the pieces from one 4.5 " x 22" wide strip.
Sweet Sixteen- (9"x11") cut into two pieces that measure 4.5"x11" - cut one half to 4.5x8.5
cut the other into four pieces that measure 4.5x2.5
confused yet??

Arrange your stacks of fabric like photo. The pieces around the outside we will call the "surrounds" and the stack in the middle we will call the "center". Take a couple off the top of "center" stack and tuck them under to the bottom.

Take "center" stack and one stack of "surrounds" over to sewing machine.
How do I keep them organized? Funny you should ask. Put stack of "surrounds" down by machine--- then, sort of, fan out "center" stack.
I have black thread in my bobbin and tan thread in the needle of my machine (see photo below). I always sew the "surround" on top. Use any thread combo you choose, just make sure that they are 2 different colors or shades of same color.
When I iron or get them out of order I can just look on the back and see what is the "surround" material.

Press and then sew other 2 stacks of "surrounds" to the top and bottom of your "center".

Now here you have a decision to make: sew same long "surrounds" together or sew different long "surrounds" together. here is a photo of same long surrounds.

Here is a photo of differnt Long "surrounds" ... I chose to have same "surrounds" together.

Sew pairs of long "surrounds" together and press.
You now have 2 stacks of blocklets; long "surrounds" and "center" edge. You will be sewing your "center" edge blocklets to your long "surround" blocklets.

I made my blocks in 3 smaller batches, finishing 12 or so at a time and then working with another set until finished. I found this works best for me. Less opportunity for confusion.

Here is my finished top:

I quilted it with verigated thread

This is the back. I used all the left over bits and 6 fat quarters to fashion a pieced back. I don't normally do this but it was easy and fun.

and bound it with a soft yellow that I thought was "butterscotch"y.


qusic said...

great tutorial! thank you! I will try this with my new Island Batiks, basically greens with a pop(sicle) in the middle

the Campfollower said...

Very wonderful! I have several jelly rolls sitting on the shelf waiting for something just like this. This does look ver simple. O I came over for a visit from Flickr.


kelly said...

Fantastic tutorial -- thanks for sharing this!

Jackie Russell said...

Great Tutorial! I just recieved all six Bali Pops and can't wait to try this pattern. Thank-you!

Millie said...

I love this, and will try it out myself! This gives me a great reason to go out and buy a big stack of batiks!

Lynne from Patchery Menagerie

TLC said...

Wow, this is wonderful! I wondered how you got the wider surround piece until I saw that you sew two strips together. You can't even tell that they are two strips from the picture of the whole quilt. So I would need to pick out fabric that can blend like that. Your quilt is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I meant the tutorial as a celebration of the Bali-Pops by Hoffman .... they can do that wider surround piece and blend.
I have some info in tutorial for using almost same instructions for a "layer cake" or a sweet sixteen so that the big piece can be a single piece of fabric.
that big piece is 4.5x 8.5 - and then you need 4 pieces 2.5" x 4.5" per block
I think it would look great in bigger prints ... However I wouldn't do it with a jellyroll, I would try a layer cake, sweet sixteen or FQ bundle.

Quilter In Paradise said...

Great tutorial - I've put your address on my blog ( hope this is ok! )

Dutch scraps said...

What a lovely idea to use up my batik scraps. Thanks.

Frogdancer said...

Lovely quilt. I've saved this in my favourites.
Thanks for taking the time to do this tutorial.

The Quilting Pirate said...

Thank You!! What a great tutorial!! I too love these pops and have purchase 4 packages! I used the butterscotch package with the free pattern from Hoffman, but kinda stumped on the other 3. This is one I'll definitely do!

country mouse said...

Great tutuorial. I have been looking for this pattern and am so thrilled to have found it. Now to find some fabrics to play with!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I'm new at quilting, but hope to try the tut in the future.

A great blog and I will be back.


Tanaya said...

A belated thanks for posting this tutorial. I just finished the squares and plan on completing it this week. This makes a really fast and simple gift. I have a feeling that I'll be using it many times to come.

Love from Bulverde, Robin said...

Beautiful. I have a jelly roll of batiks and am going to start this NOW.

Thank you

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I am so pleased that so many people have found this helpful!
Please send in a photo of your project when it's finished, I would love to see how it turns out.

susan said...

great tute!
so you were able to do this top with just one balipop?
we are getting some in the shop soon, yea!

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

I have the bali pops and I LOVE them. Your pattern is perfect for them. I"ve got to try it, soon.

Charlene said...

This is a great tutorial! My mom just got me into quilting and bought me the "kiwiberry" pops to start with. This is just the pattern I was looking for. Thank You!

disa said...
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Viola said...

Very Great tutorial!!!!! Thanks!
Viola from Italy

Claudia said...

I love your genial idea! I have a bali pop, too but I didn't have idea how to use it.

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karulin said...

This is wonderful. Today in the morning I started cutting and sewing. Now one half of the top is ready, the other half consists of squares to be sewn. Maybe I'll make all of it today?! I used a batik dyed cloth jelly roll, making 6x6 squares. Didn't think about the back yet.

Thanks! Greetings from Germany,

Archie Pavia said...

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