Quilts For Quake Survivors


Look at all these great Quilts!  
Our Mercy Corps donation page is right here, where each sale’s full price will be added to the total for Peace Winds Japan.
Looking at this mosiac I realize that I quilted 3 of the quilts chosen for the store. Im so happy that all of our efforts are going to  give a little comfort and help Mercy Corp do their work. Susan has such a knack for bringing folks together and getting things done! She's one of those gals that makes me feel like my efforts are not wasted or too minor to count.  
Building Community and Making a Difference! 
The Bees we had at SEW ON were so much fun and I met so many great ladies! 

  QfQ is teaming up with I Heart Art PDX, Etsy and the Museum of Contemporary Craft for an awesome fundraiser/quilting bee/craft party right here in Portland! Its June 10 and sounds like lots o' Fun!

Quilters Rock! 

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