More About my Labels

original inspiration for my labels

These are  the original label inspirations for my quilt label. 
The center "washable" I got at the goodwill bins- that's right -  "the what did I just touch in order to stand next to convicts and jockey for smelly old sheets" bins! The place to go and pay by the pound for used items! we have one close and I sometimes like to go and see what I find. I found that "washable" label attached to a bedspread and promptly ripped off and stuck it in my keeper pile. 
Then maybe a year went by and my stepson was throwing out a pair of pants and I saw this label sitting in the trash attached to a pocket. When I saw that W 30 L 30 I knew what I was going to do. 
I also have a friend who has a small collection of old school stamps in her studio. like what you'd see in a mail room or shipping department from way back in the "old days". Im sure this was also a part of the process.

 I had stamps made up in as close to the same font as possible.
If you are thinking of making quilt labels with stamps... 
Get the right ink:  I like Versa Craft - heat set with an iron
I like the look of stamping on linen best but ... Im just saying, no pressure. 
Its messy and time consuming so .. no drinking and stamping.
Spoonflower would probably be cheaper

I like the "doing" and the "making" - if you do too, stamps may be for you.

 There is a great pool on flickr devoted just to labels but Ive found only a few folks who are making their own using stamps.
LULUBLOOM has a nice label she developed as does leslie.keating. I also use the number/date system  leslie uses and may end up using the "no." instead of "#" when I do a "stamp 2.0" since none can tell what that smear  # is next the numerals.   Im thinking a bit more carefully about my 2.0 stamp ideas and waiting till I have a clearer vision of what I want.  

Also I have been a little more "artistic" with my numbering and dating.
Confession: I have geeked out with the dates/numbers! 2011 is a prime number as are most of the odd numbered months. Each quilt finished in this year will get an all prime numbered label. Next year they all will be even.  Im super excited about next year, I've already made notes.. I'm mulling only finishing in January, Feb and Oct. but I may have to scratch that as the summer is my busiest "season".

This year I will be making an anniversary quilt for my husband and it will get our date which is Oct.20 but thats special and if I make any Xmas quilts they will get the rare true date. ... but in 20 years will it really make any difference if it was finished in June or July? 
Quilters Rock! 


Anonymous said...

Love your stamps! I have on my list to make a custom quilt stamp signature. You might have just expedited my intensions. :)

Gail Lizette said...

I absolutely love how your labels are turning out...and I'm excited to see stamp 2.0!

Prime numbers too... cool! Those are the kind of things that make Quilters (like you) Rock.

Pétra said...

My label was inspired by yours! I just picked my new stamp up last week YAY I'll do a post about it soon. Can't wait to see the 2.0 for you.
ps the stamp guy remembered you and I told him he might have a bunch of quilters coming in soon.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I've started putting a care label on quilts that I gift, in addition to the name label. But nothing as cool as this.