WIP Wednesday

Well, its almost sewn up and the borders are pieced. Its going to come off the design board and go into hand sew mode - the plan is to hand sew 130- 150 1.25 inch dia. circles onto the border .. 
I timed it out it and it takes appox 12 minutes to sew one on - so that's about 30 hours of work.. so look for it in October to resurface ready for quilting... or October 2012 maybe... :) 
what are you up to? whacha doing? 
Quilters Rock!


Pétra said...

It is looking so good! Of course you are a crazy lady taking on hand sewing circles but of course it will look AMAZING when your done.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Gorgeous! Love the way you've done the backgrounds.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

duh! sorry folks its Tuesday!! I got ahead of myself!:)

Sparky said...

Heavens Rachel...I love your vision, your quilts.

Scott at the Blue Nickel said...

I love this log cabin layout...totally rocks!!