A Trip to My Longarmer

Today I wen to pick up my quilt. I asked "My Friend and Colleague" Nancy Stoval over at 
Just Quilting  to quilt a top for me. I wanted this top quilted by "another" and I wanted somethig I couldn't do. A grid of circles, which is perfect for her statler stitchers. 

Her studio is super cool and in an old Portland Eastside Industrial building down in Produce Row. 

A trip to my longarmer

She Has Two machines which were going full blast when we got there. 
A trip to my longarmer
 Look at that Wall of Thread! Nice Porn Shot of Gammill right... thats the new camera at work.. notice the plate of bobbins in the lower right corner.
A trip to my longarmer
 Nancy is so clever she puts the finished quilt in a nice sturdy sack (somebody needs a stamp, because Im going to be reusing that bag..hint hint) 
The quilt is going to do bed duty and when its bound I'll tell you its story and show it to you. 
 Thanks Nancy! 
Quilters Rock! 


Jill said...

awesome blurb on Nancy's shop, now I just HAVE to go there. Nancy does some fab quilting for sure. Congrats on the new camera!

Pétra said...

I dropped my quilt off at Nancy's the other day and I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of the space. I saw you quilt while I was there but it hadn't been quilted yet I can't wait to see the reveal!

Gail Lizette said...

Yeah ~ I could live there. I love Nancy's studio ~ especially when the machines are going... so cool! Look at all those finished quilts in bags ~ now I'm curious and want to see what inside each one ;)

designcamppdx said...

I asked Nancy if I could be her longarm "minion" and hang out and gleam. I hope she is considering it! I dropped one off recently too. She is a busy gal!

Jeanne said...

Hi, I just joined your site today. I went looking for bloggers in Oregon. I live in eastern Oregon, Cove. I, too, just ordered a real camera. My blog has pics taken from my cell phone camera and it doesn't look well. I see how pretty your pics look with your new camera and now I'm really excited. Please join my site as I only have 8 quilters. How do you get followers? I need to have my blog grow with followers and have no idea how to get quilters to find my blog. It's not so great right now but with my new camera...look out!!