Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!


The way I read it I'm supposed to have 8 winners.... I picked 11 so I have a few in the wings, in case I need them... 
Okay so its been a process... I had to re reread my instructions, make sure at least one was international.

In my case, I used the randomizer to get a list of numbers and then I hand counted..
I reread my instructions and I decided to have 1US and 1International winner and then a runner up because I thought it read like international couldn't win only be runner up.

The 2nd number I got was international so she will get the same 1st prize as our First prize winner and they are:
Amber Noel  & NotYetTheDodo is my international winner.

The Non barbell winner is:

The 2 Munki Charm/F8th winners are :
Caitlin From LethargicLass
Jenny fromKrousegirl

The 3 Fat Eighth winners are:
 Sharon from a prairie sunrise
Sarah from coincidentallyiamquilting
Kate S. from Needle and Spatula

whew! Im tired! Ill be mailing the winners later late late tonight... right now Im going to Chicken Dinner! :)
Quilters Rock!


Jenny said...

ding dong! thank you rachel!!

P├ętra said...

Congratulations to the winners such a great giveaway Rachel!

NotYetTheDodo said...

I received my fab parcel today - thank you so much for the giveaway... and for generously adding some banana bikes to my lovely prize! Hooray for fabric, postmen and invisble crafty friends in blogland! Happy New Year from Denmark.