First Finish

first finish by 2ndAveStudio
first finish, a photo by 2ndAveStudio on Flickr.
  A few months ago a "friend" commented that I don't finish much. When I went to make my "2011 Mosiac" on flickr I realized that I don't photo all my quilt or document them. I'll be doing much better this year.  
This is a tester/maquette quilt  (it will be going to charity) A study for the quilt I'd like to make based on this one. This is a Equilateral Triangle and I love it. Here's a hint though... Don't use directional fabric. 
Oh the agony! For every triangle there was another triangle with the words point side down - lesson learned.  But oh, I love that "Annie's Seed Catalogue' fabric!
Glad I learned this on a small baby sized rather than figuring it out half way thru a Queen. Can I get an "Amen" on that sister?
The nice thing about a small maquette is that I can practice a skill(bias seams), test color ideas (red/blue) fabric seletion ( I love KJR but "wow!" it reads green)
I'll let her borrow it for the upcoming template... She's going to use my quilt as a shop sample. oooh the flattery. 
My PMQG gal pal Jill over at tabslot made me a great template to use. She has made me all kinds of custom stuff (paper circles, hexes, and circle templates)  and she does templates for really famous quilters ... I'm thrilled that she is local.  When I buy a pattern and I can figure out a way to use a template instead of paper I ask for the template I need.
I kinda don't have the heart to tell her I need one that's thinner..  a 45 instead of a 60.. oh well, seriously, I'm an idiot!
I'll be using it for another Hex quilt so the template is still a keeper... :) 
Here is what I'm doing with the leftovers:
 Making baskets .. .. 
well, there you have it! My first finish and a finish to come.
Quilters Rock!

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Jenny said...

wow, as i read your comment on directional fabric for background, it seemed so obvious, but i would have totally done that too! thanks for the wake up call

the mccalls quilt is wonderful...

i like the idea of making a small quilt to study from...gwen marston talks about that too!