Lupine's First Quilt

Lupine's First Quilt by 2ndAveStudio
Lupine's First Quilt, a photo by 2ndAveStudio on Flickr.
After just one class, Lupine loaded up a simple top on the Frame at Modern Domestic PDX. In few hours she had quilted up her first quilt! 
I love how she used the Denyse Schmidt "Figure 8" to inspire her continuous line motif.
Wonderful and Congratulations Lupine!
Quilters Rock!


Kimberly said...

Nice! Her stitches look so much better than the mess I was turning out! That was somitch fun to play with.

The Calico Cat said...

Congrats & all that, but with a sneak peek of HR sea horses & that pink Echo - I want to see the rest of the quilt!