June is UFO Month.

Not the Alien Space kind but the UnFinishedObjects. Im planning on not buying a whole lot of new fabric and use what I have to finish my GyNORMous Pile of projects that need to be tossed, passed on, or finished. First Im attacking the PILE of binding "to -dos" I have 5 quilts to bind. One for me, the rest are charity quilts that just need to finish and get in my Donate Pile.  
This is one that I made and with leftovers from a bed sized project 15 months ago. I gave it to a friend to bind for her charity.  Life and Family prevented either one of us getting it done. Now I have it back and will finish it for charity. 
I'll be working on finishing projects that require sewing next. But I bet a bunch of them leaving my life unfinished... and frankly, Im good with that. I want to make room for  the great Ideas I want to work on next.
I loaded a quilt on to the Handi Quilter today and am halfway done already.  I'll be quilting quite a bit this whole month as I have a pretty large stack of quilts that need doing... 
my count right now is 6 projects that need binding thats what Im working on... I'll be back on Wednesday with results from my first week . 
But so far, 
1 project has moved to a new owner.
Sold 6 yards of fabric (reducing my stash is part of my plan) 
Identified 6 quilts to bind with binding done and waiting.
1 finished quilting and loaded another on the quilter. 
Mostly I've managed to get binding made and focused myself on the task at hand. So far, so good.

Find out about PROJECT UFO over at Cut to Pieces or by hitting the button in my side bar. 
I'm only commiting to June, But I'll revisit for July, I take  August off , September, and the rest later but I bet I could do this for a few months. 
I have a bunch of research I'm doing for my next few projects and seriously, I can hardly wait to get to them. I dont want to dwell on the past too long... moving forward is what I want to do .... 
I've been filled with the spirit of community and am kinda loving how supported I feel by my fellow sewers.  I don't talk much about my life outside of quilting on my blog but we have had some personal challenges lately, and I've felt supported and buoyed by my friends. 
Quilters Rock! 
Thanks you guys, 


Jenny said...

sorry we dont live closer...i absolutely love hand stitching down the bindings! i love your vintage fabric for the back...i once bought a quilt (using vintage fabrics) at an auction and its the softest most awesome snuggle quilt!
i sure dont need anymore fabric, but let me know more about your destash! your stash is awesome.

Claudia Paiva said...

How to live in this world and not leave the system dominate you?


God Bless You!