JUNE WIP update week 1

Next in the binding que... WIP by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
Next in the binding que... WIP, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
So status is good.. .this is finished and on the bed. 
I passed one project on to a thrilled finisher. win/win if you ask me. 
I finished:
 3 charity quilts bound 
1 experimental delight  I bound by hand and is finished 
1 queen sized fun patch (at top of post)  
still unfinished: 

1 quilt -(above) with binding unattached but cut and sewn. I'm going to hand finish this one so all I have to do is attach that binding and then put the quilt out by the couch for TV time. It was an experiment I'm thrilled with so stay tuned..
1 quilt -I didn't touch at all - bummer.
I cannot tell you how boring all this machine binding is... seriously, snoozeville! I am so sewing next week... 

I have to go to Ikea (that is an all day trip for me) along with errands in town this week, time may be a bit short for sewing for the rest of the week but I'm working on it.

Next on the list:  I have about three tops that need finishing touches, I look at them and I'm uninspired and they just lay there like a drunk coed and I don't want to touch them....  so its time to decide. Finish them up or toss them... 
I have another 7 tops (small) for charity and a handfull of other tops, but I think my biggest need is to get rid of the dead projects/unfinished/leftovers/ etc.. I need to decide what to finish or what to ditch... 

I have a project on the wall that needs completing.. I'd like to at least work on it a bit this coming week. 
In general I feel really great about all the work Im getting done. I love this idea of UFO focus. 
click the UFO button if your interested in more information. 
I'm goal oriented! woot
Quilters Rock! 


Jenny said...

you should post your 'untouchables' on flickr and we can all hash it out together!!

Gail Lizette said...

that diamond/star shape is awesome!... the quilting on that is pretty sweet too ~

betty said...

Do you have instructions for the fun patch?

Brenda said...

Do you have instructions for the fun patch? I'd like them please!