Star ApPEEL - A Finish for Friday

I loved everything about making this. I loved the process. I loved what I learned, and I think most of all,  I loved how it turned out.  Tonight I went to Guild Meeting and shared it in show and tell. I loved that as well. People really seem to "get" how happy I am about it.  Im a little giddy. .")
I started this quilt months ago.. it was an experiment.  I took the yellow/light orange folded it in forths and used the outside curve of a template set to make the centers then I used the curve template complete the block ... kinda backwards and improvy... it was fun .     After I made the top I waited for quilting inspiration to hit.. how would I quilt it? I just wanted the nice laundered crinkles of the linen but the stars I wanted to have a texture. I tried a freehand "L" pattern in the linen. It's new for me (more experiments, get it?) but I'd like to master it, its so fun, fast and easy.
This quilt is a bit of a departure for me. do you know what it is? Notice the lack of print.. 
Because it was an experiment, I used materials I either had a lot of... that linen blend, or, stuff I wasn't crazy about ( the yellow) . I really like the composition, it was inspired by a game show skit on SNL (Password)
this photo has my cat in it - 16+ years old, she's awesome. say Hi Muir. I asked her what her name was when she was a baby and she said "muir" cat tangent, sorry.. 
This photo shows the overall effect as a whole. my holder husband decided the orange needed to be the binding.  He was very passionate about his opinion. I hate making a solid binding.. most of my quick quilting magic on how to join the binding strips together uses right side/ wrong side. I have a devil of a time getting all the seams on the same side of a solid binding.. frustration. so, as a result, I never, but I mean,  NEVER do a solid binding. this time I put an x in ink pen on the "rightside" and joined away... totally worked... hooray!
I used an awesome vintage print on the back. I love this quilt. Its really rare for me for me make something and really feel like it "worked". I usually donate quilts of this size to charity. This one I'm keeping. Its going in my "someday those step kids of mine will give me grandkids" Pile.  I love its general good feeling. Informal, Happy and Functional. More than that, I'm also really pleased with its Composition and Negative Space.
 I took pics in my garden and at the Venetian in Hillsboro Oregon. We go there often for lunch, its a converted Theater with this old projector on display.  I love it there, its so comfortable and relaxing. they have big garage doors that slide up in the summer. its just wonderful.. 
Thanks for letting me shoot my quilts there.
the Venetian and Quilters Rock!

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Gail Lizette said...

Super sweet quilt! I like hearing that your hubby is helping with your decision-making!