DS quilts sneaky peeky

Well Its that time of year again. Time to go to
workshop and focus on the making, the process and the intention.
I really feel like once a year I go to class and spend the weekend on crit exercises growing as a quilt artist.
This year will include a Booksigning event at
Modern Domestic PDX

I made a flickr group here 
I'll be putting all my photos there over the next couple days...
Im super excited...

A couple of days ago I went to see the POTUS... If your not excited by that that's okay
I put all my photos over at flickr...
I was this close, closer. I shook his hand and it was great!
This is the last you'll hear of it here. I may start another blog that will go thru the election. Ill make a button and let you know if I do.

I hope you vote, get involved. Even if your for the other guy. Participation is our American Responsibility. Be a patriot.


Mims said...

That is so awesome! (the potus stuff, the denise stuff, too, but especially the potus stuff.)

Gail Lizette said...

How cool... and on so many levels!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I'm Canadian and I'm thrilled that you met the POTUS. I saw Clinton speak once and it was energizing.

liz said...

So happy for you!
I LOVE our president and first lady!

Some friends and I traveled to another state in '08 to try to help "turn it blue" - and we did it! In the process our group of 6 got to sit in the bleachers behind Barack at his speech in Henderson NV and behind Michelle in Vegas the day before the election.

I don't have any firm plans yet, but plan to help in a big way again this year. Barack MUST be reelected, IMHO.