Loving Summer

The 4th here in Oregon was marvelous.  Warm without being hot and because it was a weekday, my neighbors were tamer than usual but still fun and sparkly.  Our HOAs tendency towards overkill is kinda taxing and I bet the kids had more fun just playing rather than structured games,  bouncey house, etc...
Its been a busy couple of weeks  off line.  I've had classes to teach, quilts to mail and customers with quilts to quilt. So that's what I've been doing.  Plus I've had a chance to catch up with off line friends. 
Its been really great.

Can you believe this sunset?? right outside my front door as DH made a bike rack for the truck. 
Only it was so much prettier than the photo. trees in the breeze. laughter.
 I've been able to have a bit of time to contemplate my next years quilts and just hang out with family which is nice. We have a series of ongoing elder care issues going, changes happening and decisions to be made. Its nice to have great weather and happy times while we can.

I'm preparing to go to Sisters Oregon Quilt Show. I'm staying in a house with several of my Guild Friends. I'm sure it will be low key, relaxing, no drama weekend. I've taken steps to make sure I don't get spit roasted sunburned like I did last year, and Im taking my bike so I can move around the quilt show and really see all of it. DH made me this awesome bike rack to take the bikes in the back of the truck. He found a 200$ model online (out of stock) and hacked it for 50$! he is a genius! 

I'm entering this quilt. We will be having a meet up with Local Modern Guild members and I hope to meet others from Eugene as well. So excited! Actually, not that excited, more like relaxed and happy.
Then,  just a short 2 weeks after Sisters, Denyse Schmidt is coming to teach at PNCA. more fun.
Quilters Rock!


Jo @ life in lists said...

That quilt looks beautiful! I'm participating in a bee at the moment with pops of DS fabric on a low volume background, and this is providing a bit of inspiration for my block design. Have fun at the quilt show, and good luck!

Jenny said...

gah! sisters OR and then DS! what a great line up!
so excited you are entering this quilt. it is fabulous