Charity Quilt: Green

So here's the plan:
Cut rectangles 6.5 x 8.5 
Arrange on Design wall
Sew into quilt top 
This is the first of of 4 tops I've made so far.. the blocks could be pieced ( crosses or random rails come to mind first, maybe a log cabin)  or not, repeated or not.. the variety is endless. 
Why 6.5 x 8.5? The size of the block is just about the size of my ipad screen and it felt modern and interesting to me ... but still small enough to not be boring...  a high ROI use of my time and energy.

Also,  I wanted to use up some random FQ and cut strips from Yardage and this was what worked best.. 
I get 4 from a Fat Quarter o r   6 from every 8.5"  WOF strip (long quarter) with very little waste.I like to cut from yardage most of all as it's really the way to go.

Look at the photo.
The quilt is 5 tall (8x5 =40) and 6 wide (6x6=36)
Thats One Quarter Yard  a row, or, in this case,
1.25 yards for the top
1.25 of yardage for the backing (42 x 45)
1.25 yardage of batting  ( my batting is either double wide for this quilt or if I use warm and safe (45" wide)
4 strips of binding (10" but lets call it a quarter /third of a yard for ease)
4 yards total - for planning  purposes that's a nice round number ..

If your like me and don't keep good tax records ... a simple photo makes it easy to calculate come tax time.

You'll be seeing lots of these in the future.. color studies and monotones,  pieced and wholecloth, each one will be its own special work. 
I quilted this one in Double Meander.  Looks great.  

Quilters Rock


Jenny said...

whoa! i never keep records for tax time! and in fact, have never put it together to take into account the charity quilts i donate! do you need receipts or some record from where you donate to? oy, this could make my husband very happy!

Dolly said...

I like this quilting design.....trying to figure out how to go about doing it myself. Very nice.