Im Making a Valor Quilt.

I decided to make a Valor Quilt. I see them all the time on the internet and so often I think they are .... hmm well, not age appropriate.    lets say that.  
I made this one, but it was WAY too girlie. too small and turned into a very personal expression of patriotism and womanhood. 

So, I let it go for awhile. back burner.  And then, I came back to it. I checked out their website and they have all the info you need to make one too if you'd like. I cut a bunch of strings..
Started  sewing them together.. 
Kinda decided on a plan. I went with the Denyse Schmidt String Style quilt. 
But it was too busy  - so yesterday I added a solid navy. Sewed up all the rows.

then I made a back and put it on the quilter.. 

 Quilted it and took it off the quilter.. Its not trimmed or bound yet. I haven't made the pillow case... but I'm pretty happy.
 After its bound and washed with its awesome label I'll show you again..  its pretty big... 
but Im moving on now to 100 Quilts for Kids .... 
Quilters Rock!


Jenny said...

this is so wonderful Rachel...really gonna make a vetern very proud.

designcamppdx said...

Love it! What a fantastic gift. Missed you last night at guild...