Earlier this Summer the Modern Guilds in  Portland, Seattle and Vancouver BC got together and had a meetup.
We went to Vashon Island and where we had a Quilt Show and Group Sew.  I didn't sew much,  I visited, chit chat ed,  and drank alot of tea brewed by the hippies next door.
A lot of tea... boy it was hot.. 
at the end of the day the finished quilt tops were divided up and we all took home the supplies to quilt them ..  I quilted these three 



 The Guild hasn't seem them yet in person and I really do think that quilts work so much better in person.  They won't be donated till after October 15 so they will miss the 100 quilts for kids deadline 
and it really isn't up to me where they go. 
But I hope eventually babies will be found cuddled and warm. 
Quilters Rock!


Jennifer said...

These are just beautiful!! Love your quilting...

Jennifer :)

arajane said...

wow, these turned out so gorgeous! your quilting has really brought them to life. love.

Siobhán said...

Beautiful quilts--great quilting, too!

Vashon Island--I dream of going there--and the Pacific NW--some day!

Kimberly said...

Lovely, all of them. You did a fabulous job on the quilting. The purple one made it onto Jeni Baker's favorites today! Score!

Anonymous said...

Love them all!