My Favorite Charity

 Here's my stack of quilts so far. I'll be donating them and more if they are done in time by the 100 Quilts for Kids deadline to Children's Relief Nursery.  I love this charity and the work it does for stressed families. I hope that every child grows up and is able to reach their full potential regardless of the circumstances of it's birth. 
Here's a little about the CRN:

Children’s Relief Nursery “improves the family’s condition so all family members can achieve their true potential"
— Kim Thomas, program officer, Meyer Memorial Trust

CRN provide a range of services that “wrap-around” the family to reduce parental stress and social isolation.  We’re teaching parenting skills, strengthening bonds between parents and their babies, providing targeted services, reducing child behavioral problems and improving social-emotional development in very young children.

Adverse childhood experiences in the early years can cause life-long problems. The best solution is to prevent them from happening. The best time to address these issues is in the first 33 months of a child’s life.

That’s why Children’s Relief Nursery focuses on early intervention. We help at-risk families with children from birth to four years find ways to deal with stress before the tragedy of child abuse and neglect occurs.

For the child, we offer services that stimulate their minds and bodies and that nurture their emotional and social development. Most significantly, we support the child’s entire family during these critical early years. Children’s Relief Nursery not only intervenes early in the child’s life, but early in the life of the family. Our services allow healthy parenting skills and positive relationships among family members to develop and flourish.

CRN builds successful, resilient families—families that stay together.

Im working on organizing a charity page and tuts and the like ....
its coming..

On a totally different topic: 

I took pretty close to a month off. I try to do it every year around this time. It used to be August but now I work around my Moms schedule.  
I got a new Doctor after mine retired and he took me off all meds and sent me to a specialist... that person put me on new meds and sucked so much out of me for testing I got pale told me come back in 2 weeks.
I've spent the resulting week very busy but my wrists don't hurt, so that's good...  the meds are changing me in ways I hadn't expected ... Im nicer, softer and kinda giggley... but I guess thats what happens when I don't have the pain. woo hoo.

Quilters Rock!


Kimberly said...

You make me giggly... ;) Great stack of quilts there.
I am trying to do more charity quilting/sewing I forced myself to join a do. good stitches circle. That way I am sewing for charity every month. I would never just do it on my own.

Ann Ferguson said...

What a lovely stash of quilts! You're doing well.

Gail Lizette said...

that's a big stack of quilts! And what a great charity ~ you rock Lady!!