The Last Charity Quilt Of Its Kind

This month  makes an anniversary. One year ago  today I stopped going to the Jail.
When I moved over the (BFE) far Westside of Washington County I stopped charity quilting with the Hospital and started teaching/coaching at the Treatment Dorm at a local Jail.  2nd Project was a Pieced Quilt.  First Project was a Rag Quilt that I was pretty hopeless on ( never made one, never will, think they are horrible ) but 2nd Project was spack dab in my wheel house.  A pieced quilt that was quilted and finished by the maker. All quilts were recorded and given to the children of Drug Court and other children that the Family Court came in contact with. As well as Lock Down House for children that were not safe at home or a threat to their own family. 

Then it stopped, the program shut down, fabric was distributed, supplies were given away. One tearful Luncheon later I was on my own. I had no charity home anymore... I've never quilted with no charity before. I have always quilted for charity, always. Its part of our family mission that instead of working a job, I keep busy working a  charity job. I've been Fabric Maven for 2 different charities, made kits, quilts, quilting for several more. I love making charity quilts.. I like making quilts.
Its by far my favorite form of charity work.
I've gone to Florida for the Red Cross. I've Driven a BMW to Utah. I've volunteered for political campaigns and  other causes I thought were great. I've made a lot of Quilts for charity. When I first started Quilting I made 6 quilt tops a month. 48 x 60 month after month.. Then I got excited about quilting and Longarming. The first year I got my HandiQuilter I quilted 18 tops a month. The next year my commitment was 6.
Now I have more family commitments demanding my time, I do eldercare for my declining mother. I've had some of my own health issues.  Last year I was a board member for  our Local Modern Guild and frankly, hanging out and socializing , as well as other quilt commitments.
Thank Goodness I discovered 100 Quilts For Kids. Someplace to make and donate to ... plus there are prizes... Last year I donated 3 quilts and won a $25Gift Cert to

So here it is... The last quilt top from the Jail.. When the whole thing stopped I ended up with a quilt top to finish...  So I've quilted it and bound it and it gets donated before the October 15th to the Children's Relief Nursery  you can find out why here.. :)
Im adding this to the linky but it will represent 3 quilts total that I had a hand in creating but didn't make myself alone.   but I figure I worked 30% on them so I make a linky entry plus Im finishing so many I dont want to enter each one separate. 
Quilters Rock


Vicki said...

Amazing. If/when I get a longarm I want to do a lot of charity quilting, too.

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

quilters do rock. Your story is incredible. Thank you for sharing.