100 Quilts for Kids - Final count 2012


Well, I have 14 quilts ready to go. Less than I hoped but it's something.  I have lots of rec's  and tops made so I expect I'll do better next year.  I also didn't count the 3 we did as a group at the Seattle Meetup. No body has seen those 3  yet and they won't get handed in on time.

I'm entering them into the 100 Quilts for Kids Linky Party. I've already entered 2 of them and this is my third and final entry. I'm not entering 14 times.  That seemed like over kill. because I'm lazy.  Last year I won a great GC, this year I just wanted to play along  again. I don't expect to win anything.
Sarah over at the linky has the odds in her favor, she killed it this year!

I keep a book of my charity quilts. I number them and document where they are going.  4 of the quilts this year were partially made (the tops) by others.  The other 10 were made by me alone. A few of them are small for stroller or carseat or as changing pads.  3 are whole cloth practice quilts.
These quilts are #68 -81 since I only started documenting a few years ago.  I wish I had the follow thru to photo every Charity Quilt effort but I just can't get motivated to shoot and edit every one.

All the quilts get a "care label" stamp or actual label  and some get a 2ndAve Studio stamp, but not all.

Here is my hope for the quilts:
 That babies and youngsters get to live,  play, cuddle and enjoy them. That they help create for children a safe environment of healthy love and calmness so they grow and learn. All the quilts that I have been finishing lately will be going to the Children's Relief Nursery. They help at risk youngsters get the best and healthiest start in life.
now to bed!
Quilters Rock!


Kimberly said...

There will be 14 children now who will be able to wrap themselves in comfort and love because of you. You are such a blessing in these children's lives. Thank you for giving of your time and of yourself.

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

the random.org gods knew how awesome you are. You won a prize! email me your address swimbikequilt at gmail dot com. and thanks so much!

Wendy said...

what a lovely thing to do, well done on donating so many quilts