Wip Wednesday

Wip Wednesday
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Well, I'm _still _ working on this.... Am I now entering my third month??
for Pete's sake....
In 10 days, knock wood, the house will close.
in the last month my BIL has had his heart stopped (under hospital care) and restarted .. twice.
My sweet darling step son still can't find meaningful work and well, my mom is still my mom....
I remember not too long ago, laying out in the sun in our sweet loungers, drowsy from the sun, sipping limeade.
I remember sewing all day and getting projects done....
... suddenly, it seems like my whole life went "WIP" on me....
Lets talk about the quilt:
I had an idea and that purple polka dot (it is purple) was the perfect background ... Construction was pretty simple, quilting is also pretty simple but a bit fiddly..
Hopefully when I get it finished, trimmed and bound ... I'l love it..
Right now when I look at it I'm filled with longing. Longing for time, and energy to finish it. Honestly, Im making memories while this quilt sits, while all my sewing sits, memories that years from now when this quilt is finished and thrown over my lap I'll be able to revisit.
Time spent with my mom, chatting and being supportive to my step son, and finally getting rid of that damn( it wasn't that bad) house. I guess its not so bad after all that its taking so long...
Quilters Rock!


LJ said...

Big hugs! Some things take time to be born, quilts included! Think of this as the gestational period. Soon enough you will be wrapped in it's warmth and enjoying the bliss of a calmer life.

Jennifer said...

Your quilt is going to be beautiful! And honestly, I associate memories with a lot of quilts that I have made so hopefully this quilt will hold some special ones for you when it's done.

Jennifer :)