How you doing?


So my stepson is staying with us for a little while. He arrived here last Monday and is staying in the guest room. He looks totally just like his dad. He just graduated from art school and I’m giving him a bit of access to my fabric stash. He loves all the wall paper looking designs. He posted some of the Neptune and urban chicks for sale on Ebay… my heart hurt a little letting them go, but it’s unlikely at this point I will use them for a project… we all know his cell phone bill isn’t paying for itself – so I said "my destash is your pocket money" I know I have mentioned before how much I hate doing etsy/ebay.
And oh yeah… I had to have a tooth taken out on Saturday and now my shoulder hurts for some reason along with my jaw… go figure… I totally thought I just needed a filling...WHA??
So I’ve been working with my charity group making Christmas quilts for the kids living at a group home. Approx 16 boy quilts and 8 girl quilts, each is between lap and twin . Some kids are going to be all warm and toasty with their brand new quilts for the coming winter.

Quilter Rock!


Gail Lizette said...

Hope your tooth (and shoulder) feels better soon! Dental pain is the worst for sure.
Also want to send a big "communal thank you" for making quilts for kids in need. You rock as a quilter for sure!! :)

Theodora quilts said...

Hi Rachel I read your blog periodically I notice you are in Oregon that we have in common I grew up in Oregon, Ontario,and I am also a former Californian so I understand the part about driving on the snow .I am now living in Athens ,Greece and they don't have that many pretty fabrics available like in the states,so maybe I will check out yours for sale,I love scraps quilts ,I do have a problem finding variety,take care theodora P.S.visit when a chance.