Hello How you doin?

I haven't blogged in a long time.  I didn't feel like I had anything to say or I may have had things to say, I mean who doesn't? But I may not have felt like writing it down.  I've continued to quilt and be busy with fiber, and think I may have something to write about next year.
 Let's overview the last year shall we? In the last part of 2014 I spent 11 days in the Hospital and    spent most of 2015 recovering my energy and stamina.  Everybody has their own "Box of Rocks" and  I kinda feel like I've spent this last year trying to beat my Rocks into gravel, trying to my make my troubles smaller and more manageable.
Don't get me wrong, its been pretty awesome. Many of my friends really stepped up and provided so much support. I was kinda forced to take time for me,  the last few years I've been helping my elderly mother, and I liked it. I took classes, taught classes, took sewing trips, and even went to Quilt Con 2015.  I even took my Trunk Show on the road and spoke at a couple Guilds.
I taught a bunch of classes and made a bunch of quilts. I dined, I danced, I laughed out loud. I even bought a swim suit. Details aren't that relevant, I feel somewhat renewed and although I have a ton of work still left to do to get my health back where it should be, I'm up for the challenge.
Lots of people blog for profit, from the topics, to the links and even the fabric used, all are set up to make money, or were gifted or sponsored.  Most people who blog for fun or as an open sort of diary have pretty much quit, Instagram is so much easier. Lately, I have found IG  limiting in some ways and decided I may start blogging again.
I'm not in marketing or trying to generate buzz to sell product or patterns, I'm not judging those who do, its just not what I'm doing.  What I do is leverage my artistic skills to make Utility Quilts. I'll be writing about me and what I'm making.  I expect this next year to be productive.  So mostly it will be about the finishes and maybe a bit of Process thrown in but I would expect the majority of that to be over on Instagram.  Join me over there to comment and watch the day to day action.

Above is  my quilt The Dishes Can Wait, it won 2nd in the Applique Category at Quilt Con 2015. The photo above is from the Premier issue of Simply Modern, I was pretty excited. It was one of 4 quilts accepted into the show.



Dawn White said...

Glad to hear you are returning to Blogland, Rachel! Instagram is fine for snapshot impressions but blog posts have so much more substance. I look forward to seeing your posts.

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a maidenhair fern said...

I love this piece. I really want to make one. Is there a pattern?? Thank you.