Happy Thankgiving to You!

I made this few years ago. Its been in the car, over at my Moms, kinda out of sight but not out of use. It has been used enough now to be "worn in". Its floppy and cuddly and the perfect TV friend. When I first made it ( here ) over 2 years ago I hated it and called it Cat Vomit. Now I love its friendliness and color and of course its softness.

This week I finished this experiment:

Im not sure how well it turned out. It was an idea... and the craftsmanship is there... by that, I mean it is usable. I will returning to this theme over the next year. Bubbles and Lines. . . we'll see what comes of it.. This one is going to Give a Kid a Quilt. If Your interested the button is on my side bar over there.

The most valuable thing I get from my husband is time. When we can spend more than the usual few hours together I am thrilled. I certainly don't want to be stuck in the kitchen, while he wanders off to go piddle around in the garage till dinner is ready. Since The Kids are gone and out of state we can't really justify the "big meal" . For the last several years we have gone Downtown Portland to a nice hotel for a sit down meal on Thanksgiving.
Next month DH will go to his Dads for a week and spend time with his kids. So, this time is mine and I want every second. We won't shop on Friday or go out much... Just piddle around the house the whole weekend doing little projects like rearrange the bedroom and hang some pictures.. May sound less than spectacular to you, but I am really looking forward to it.

I will be happy to revive Thanksgiving when we have grandkids. Sometimes I miss my traditions, mostly though, I miss my grandparents. My grandmother was a working artist, she went to Art School in the 20s and worked as a draftsman (like CAD but with a pencil) during the 40s. She created a Thanksgiving so full of tradition and life it's been really hard for me to continue the holiday without her.
I'm thankful I grew up knowing her.

I hope ya'll have a great Thankgiving!

Banner Quilt

Banner Quilt
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This weeks stack of is done. I have 5. These are all going to Give a Kid a Quilt. See the banner over there? Send a small top or finished quilt and help a kid out. The focus on this quilt drive is kids under five living at or below poverty. Have a look see and maybe help a kid out.
Remember a couple years ago when everyone was making those banners? I mean they were everywhere... I designed this quilt then ... it was an experimental top I never finished till recently. I am happy to know its going to a good home. Someone will love it.
I've been kinda working like mad on my stepsons quilt. I am trying to make quilts for my husband and his 2 kids for Xmas. I have 2 tops done and the third has been a super pain. I thought I had an idea... a brilliant plan. I made some Improv blocks and Whoa, Nelly did they suck! They would have been great itty bitty art bits! Mostly, they just plain sucked.
Plan abandoned.
So for weeks I sat looking at my "ideas board", the edge section of my design board where I put up ideas, trying to work out what to make him that fit his personality. I'll show you later as they get closer to finished. Or maybe it will be a surprise after Xmas. .. who knows.

Give a Kid a Quilt is steadily growing and adding followers.

Quilters Rock!

How Long Has it Been??

Well, I've been busy and time as usual has gotten away from me.. I reopened the shop. I had to I ran out of money on paypal. Sheesh- how'd that happen?
I added Lush wood grain and multi - paint dot to the store. Stay tuned here on the blog as specials will be listed here first. IM going to have some FMF fat eighth bundles for Xmas and such like that there.
Mostly I have been working on staying healthy. Kinda feel like I lost a few weeks sleeping.. Was it the weather? Did I have the flu?
I've working on launching a quilt drive for the local babies and children living at or below the poverty line.

this is my quilting.. this picture looks terrible but really wait till its done...

who got some mutts on kiwi?? I did! Soon to be quilted . A nice modern quilt for a healthy baby. Lets keep those babies warm thru winter..

Woo hoozle! Someone donated a quilt top to me today! Live and in person. It was so thrilling.
Im doing a quilt and quilt top drive over Here. Each quilt will get finished and numbered, then delivered to a wonderful place called Community Action who will distribute them to agencies that will make sure poor babies and toddlers are warm.

Christina over at The Sometimes Crafter made me great buttons and is joining as she is able to post to the site and maybe quilt something. Thanks Christina! You know, Im sure you have heard but she is doing quilting now. Her rates are very reasonable and I know she does a good job. Check her out!

Seriously this button is awesome and she did the header and blog button too. Find out more about it, participate, and see all the doings over HERE.

Thanks Veterans! I am grateful for your service.
Quilters Rock!

I Love My Vagina

Well, Im feeling better! last night I went out with girl friends. It was an all yoni evening!
First we went to Lush, then to Lloyd Center so my Popcorn loving friend could get cheddar corn.. She has 3 young kids so any minute she can grab for herself is a godsend. Then dinner..
today I am quilting...
photos to follow..