100 Quilts for Kids - Final count 2012


Well, I have 14 quilts ready to go. Less than I hoped but it's something.  I have lots of rec's  and tops made so I expect I'll do better next year.  I also didn't count the 3 we did as a group at the Seattle Meetup. No body has seen those 3  yet and they won't get handed in on time.

I'm entering them into the 100 Quilts for Kids Linky Party. I've already entered 2 of them and this is my third and final entry. I'm not entering 14 times.  That seemed like over kill. because I'm lazy.  Last year I won a great GC, this year I just wanted to play along  again. I don't expect to win anything.
Sarah over at the linky has the odds in her favor, she killed it this year!

I keep a book of my charity quilts. I number them and document where they are going.  4 of the quilts this year were partially made (the tops) by others.  The other 10 were made by me alone. A few of them are small for stroller or carseat or as changing pads.  3 are whole cloth practice quilts.
These quilts are #68 -81 since I only started documenting a few years ago.  I wish I had the follow thru to photo every Charity Quilt effort but I just can't get motivated to shoot and edit every one.

All the quilts get a "care label" stamp or actual label  and some get a 2ndAve Studio stamp, but not all.

Here is my hope for the quilts:
 That babies and youngsters get to live,  play, cuddle and enjoy them. That they help create for children a safe environment of healthy love and calmness so they grow and learn. All the quilts that I have been finishing lately will be going to the Children's Relief Nursery. They help at risk youngsters get the best and healthiest start in life.
now to bed!
Quilters Rock!

Almost Friday Almost Finished

2 more tops by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
2 more tops, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
Well, there has been quite a bit of posting this week. Lots of finishes and Blog Post making. Tomorrow I go in for dental work - I'll be getting some bone graphs and prep done for implants. 
My father was stone toothless by 40, my teeth have been a problem most of my life. I had my first bad tooth/abscess at 7 or 8. Dr. Aber sat me down and told me to take of my teeth and maybe just maybe I'd be able to keep them. Its a Genetic thing, my blond fundus, my chronic joint pain, my crap teeth... all part of parcel of a crap gene I test positive for. Dam and Blast.
 I'm skidding into 50 - with most of my teeth still in my head... winner winner chicken dinner...   .. 
But I'm going under the knife to get some more chewing surface. When you lose chewing surface, the other teeth are under lots of pressure to perform. 
I'll be down for near a week - Thank Goodness its soup weather.  I'll be eating lots of it I bet. Mixed with mashed potatoes to not be too runny.  
On to the Quilts:
I finished the 2 tops in picture above . Both kinda "boy" - seems I like to make "girl" quilts. Its true, I love flowers and "girl" motifs like sewing notions and patterns. 

 Along with the tops, I finished these 4 quilts and trimmed them. They are ready for binding. 
I hope this next week finds you well and happy.  I'll be recovering but happy. Wish me luck and sedation. Be back soon. 
Quilters Rock, 


Earlier this Summer the Modern Guilds in  Portland, Seattle and Vancouver BC got together and had a meetup.
We went to Vashon Island and where we had a Quilt Show and Group Sew.  I didn't sew much,  I visited, chit chat ed,  and drank alot of tea brewed by the hippies next door.
A lot of tea... boy it was hot.. 
at the end of the day the finished quilt tops were divided up and we all took home the supplies to quilt them ..  I quilted these three 



 The Guild hasn't seem them yet in person and I really do think that quilts work so much better in person.  They won't be donated till after October 15 so they will miss the 100 quilts for kids deadline 
and it really isn't up to me where they go. 
But I hope eventually babies will be found cuddled and warm. 
Quilters Rock!

Wordless WIP Wednesday

Charity Quilt: Green

So here's the plan:
Cut rectangles 6.5 x 8.5 
Arrange on Design wall
Sew into quilt top 
This is the first of of 4 tops I've made so far.. the blocks could be pieced ( crosses or random rails come to mind first, maybe a log cabin)  or not, repeated or not.. the variety is endless. 
Why 6.5 x 8.5? The size of the block is just about the size of my ipad screen and it felt modern and interesting to me ... but still small enough to not be boring...  a high ROI use of my time and energy.

Also,  I wanted to use up some random FQ and cut strips from Yardage and this was what worked best.. 
I get 4 from a Fat Quarter o r   6 from every 8.5"  WOF strip (long quarter) with very little waste.I like to cut from yardage most of all as it's really the way to go.

Look at the photo.
The quilt is 5 tall (8x5 =40) and 6 wide (6x6=36)
Thats One Quarter Yard  a row, or, in this case,
1.25 yards for the top
1.25 of yardage for the backing (42 x 45)
1.25 yardage of batting  ( my batting is either double wide for this quilt or if I use warm and safe (45" wide)
4 strips of binding (10" but lets call it a quarter /third of a yard for ease)
4 yards total - for planning  purposes that's a nice round number ..

If your like me and don't keep good tax records ... a simple photo makes it easy to calculate come tax time.

You'll be seeing lots of these in the future.. color studies and monotones,  pieced and wholecloth, each one will be its own special work. 
I quilted this one in Double Meander.  Looks great.  

Quilters Rock

A Crazy Little Thing Called Strings

I just had too many strings. way too many. everywhere. In drawers, on shelves, on my desk.. I wanted to sew up strip sets, cut trinagles and make a string quilt. .Would it work... Lets try it and find out..
the result is this. .
I string quilt.. truly scrappy .. 

 and quilted with Love... 
Backed with a yummy buttery flannel 
 Quilter's Rock!

The Last Charity Quilt Of Its Kind

This month  makes an anniversary. One year ago  today I stopped going to the Jail.
When I moved over the (BFE) far Westside of Washington County I stopped charity quilting with the Hospital and started teaching/coaching at the Treatment Dorm at a local Jail.  2nd Project was a Pieced Quilt.  First Project was a Rag Quilt that I was pretty hopeless on ( never made one, never will, think they are horrible ) but 2nd Project was spack dab in my wheel house.  A pieced quilt that was quilted and finished by the maker. All quilts were recorded and given to the children of Drug Court and other children that the Family Court came in contact with. As well as Lock Down House for children that were not safe at home or a threat to their own family. 

Then it stopped, the program shut down, fabric was distributed, supplies were given away. One tearful Luncheon later I was on my own. I had no charity home anymore... I've never quilted with no charity before. I have always quilted for charity, always. Its part of our family mission that instead of working a job, I keep busy working a  charity job. I've been Fabric Maven for 2 different charities, made kits, quilts, quilting for several more. I love making charity quilts.. I like making quilts.
Its by far my favorite form of charity work.
I've gone to Florida for the Red Cross. I've Driven a BMW to Utah. I've volunteered for political campaigns and  other causes I thought were great. I've made a lot of Quilts for charity. When I first started Quilting I made 6 quilt tops a month. 48 x 60 month after month.. Then I got excited about quilting and Longarming. The first year I got my HandiQuilter I quilted 18 tops a month. The next year my commitment was 6.
Now I have more family commitments demanding my time, I do eldercare for my declining mother. I've had some of my own health issues.  Last year I was a board member for  our Local Modern Guild and frankly, hanging out and socializing , as well as other quilt commitments.
Thank Goodness I discovered 100 Quilts For Kids. Someplace to make and donate to ... plus there are prizes... Last year I donated 3 quilts and won a $25Gift Cert to FatQuarterShop.com.

So here it is... The last quilt top from the Jail.. When the whole thing stopped I ended up with a quilt top to finish...  So I've quilted it and bound it and it gets donated before the October 15th to the Children's Relief Nursery  you can find out why here.. :)
Im adding this to the linky but it will represent 3 quilts total that I had a hand in creating but didn't make myself alone.   but I figure I worked 30% on them so I make a linky entry plus Im finishing so many I dont want to enter each one separate. 
Quilters Rock

Im Making a Valor Quilt.

I decided to make a Valor Quilt. I see them all the time on the internet and so often I think they are .... hmm well, not age appropriate.    lets say that.  
I made this one, but it was WAY too girlie. too small and turned into a very personal expression of patriotism and womanhood. 

So, I let it go for awhile. back burner.  And then, I came back to it. I checked out their website and they have all the info you need to make one too if you'd like. I cut a bunch of strings..
Started  sewing them together.. 
Kinda decided on a plan. I went with the Denyse Schmidt String Style quilt. 
But it was too busy  - so yesterday I added a solid navy. Sewed up all the rows.

then I made a back and put it on the quilter.. 

 Quilted it and took it off the quilter.. Its not trimmed or bound yet. I haven't made the pillow case... but I'm pretty happy.
 After its bound and washed with its awesome label I'll show you again..  its pretty big... 
but Im moving on now to 100 Quilts for Kids .... 
Quilters Rock!

My Favorite Charity

 Here's my stack of quilts so far. I'll be donating them and more if they are done in time by the 100 Quilts for Kids deadline to Children's Relief Nursery.  I love this charity and the work it does for stressed families. I hope that every child grows up and is able to reach their full potential regardless of the circumstances of it's birth. 
Here's a little about the CRN:

Children’s Relief Nursery “improves the family’s condition so all family members can achieve their true potential"
— Kim Thomas, program officer, Meyer Memorial Trust

CRN provide a range of services that “wrap-around” the family to reduce parental stress and social isolation.  We’re teaching parenting skills, strengthening bonds between parents and their babies, providing targeted services, reducing child behavioral problems and improving social-emotional development in very young children.

Adverse childhood experiences in the early years can cause life-long problems. The best solution is to prevent them from happening. The best time to address these issues is in the first 33 months of a child’s life.

That’s why Children’s Relief Nursery focuses on early intervention. We help at-risk families with children from birth to four years find ways to deal with stress before the tragedy of child abuse and neglect occurs.

For the child, we offer services that stimulate their minds and bodies and that nurture their emotional and social development. Most significantly, we support the child’s entire family during these critical early years. Children’s Relief Nursery not only intervenes early in the child’s life, but early in the life of the family. Our services allow healthy parenting skills and positive relationships among family members to develop and flourish.

CRN builds successful, resilient families—families that stay together.

Im working on organizing a charity page and tuts and the like ....
its coming..

On a totally different topic: 

I took pretty close to a month off. I try to do it every year around this time. It used to be August but now I work around my Moms schedule.  
I got a new Doctor after mine retired and he took me off all meds and sent me to a specialist... that person put me on new meds and sucked so much out of me for testing I got pale told me come back in 2 weeks.
I've spent the resulting week very busy but my wrists don't hurt, so that's good...  the meds are changing me in ways I hadn't expected ... Im nicer, softer and kinda giggley... but I guess thats what happens when I don't have the pain. woo hoo.

Quilters Rock!

So sweet!

Quilt by cupcakes photos
Quilt, a photo by cupcakes photos on Flickr.

Cupcake Photos took pics of my quilt hanging at MD that show off the quilting really well.
Finally a non blurry photo!
Super flattering that someone felt the love enough to post pics....

Busy Oregon Beaver

I've been busy keeping Mom cool and fed. There has been quite a bit of Chicken Salad in my life this past month. It seems to be the Summer of Chicken Salad.
Seems like everyone is busy living a non digital summer and I'm no exception.
I went to Sisters Quilt Show and to Bend. Spent 4 days with 5 other ladies/2 watermelons/4 bikes/1 tepid tub and had a blast.
Got a new phone just like the old phone that I'm having a tough time getting settled into...
We went to see the President and shook his hand.
Met with Jill, Cherri, and Kaci for  cocktails and dinner and then to Denyse Schmidt 's Book Signing where I got my book signed and met nice ladies.
Took the class with Denyse Schmidt  and got to spend the weekend with lots of super talented ladies.
Taught a couple of really great classes, quilted some quilts and made a mess of the Studio. :)
This week I teach some more, and get ready for a trip to Seattle with the PMQG. We'll meet up with ladies in Seattle and Vancouver. 
Well, that's it, in a nut shell. You're all caught up! :D 
Maybe in a couple weeks I'll be less busy. With the Olympics over, I might actually be able to get some sewing done. .. .

Quilters Rock!

DS quilts sneaky peeky

Well Its that time of year again. Time to go to
workshop and focus on the making, the process and the intention.
I really feel like once a year I go to class and spend the weekend on crit exercises growing as a quilt artist.
This year will include a Booksigning event at
Modern Domestic PDX

I made a flickr group here 
I'll be putting all my photos there over the next couple days...
Im super excited...

A couple of days ago I went to see the POTUS... If your not excited by that that's okay
I put all my photos over at flickr...
I was this close, closer. I shook his hand and it was great!
This is the last you'll hear of it here. I may start another blog that will go thru the election. Ill make a button and let you know if I do.

I hope you vote, get involved. Even if your for the other guy. Participation is our American Responsibility. Be a patriot.

Trying to Remain Calm

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Loving Summer

The 4th here in Oregon was marvelous.  Warm without being hot and because it was a weekday, my neighbors were tamer than usual but still fun and sparkly.  Our HOAs tendency towards overkill is kinda taxing and I bet the kids had more fun just playing rather than structured games,  bouncey house, etc...
Its been a busy couple of weeks  off line.  I've had classes to teach, quilts to mail and customers with quilts to quilt. So that's what I've been doing.  Plus I've had a chance to catch up with off line friends. 
Its been really great.

Can you believe this sunset?? right outside my front door as DH made a bike rack for the truck. 
Only it was so much prettier than the photo. trees in the breeze. laughter.
 I've been able to have a bit of time to contemplate my next years quilts and just hang out with family which is nice. We have a series of ongoing elder care issues going, changes happening and decisions to be made. Its nice to have great weather and happy times while we can.

I'm preparing to go to Sisters Oregon Quilt Show. I'm staying in a house with several of my Guild Friends. I'm sure it will be low key, relaxing, no drama weekend. I've taken steps to make sure I don't get spit roasted sunburned like I did last year, and Im taking my bike so I can move around the quilt show and really see all of it. DH made me this awesome bike rack to take the bikes in the back of the truck. He found a 200$ model online (out of stock) and hacked it for 50$! he is a genius! 

I'm entering this quilt. We will be having a meet up with Local Modern Guild members and I hope to meet others from Eugene as well. So excited! Actually, not that excited, more like relaxed and happy.
Then,  just a short 2 weeks after Sisters, Denyse Schmidt is coming to teach at PNCA. more fun.
Quilters Rock!

An End and a New Beginning...

 This is where I'm going now. I'm off and running. I've started a new project I think I'm on the right track. I'm going to make rows and then applique them. I'm using RK Kona Olive as the background. 
I think this is working and I have a plan for construction and finishing, which I didn't have for the next project update.
 Remember this project? The CinemaScope blocks?? Sure, a good idea, but I lost all interest in it, and piecing the blocks to a top was a nightmare and I threw it away...  tossed in the trash.. 
lately I've been trying not to lose momentum. I'll save the idea and maybe revisit it but "Bye- Bye" for now...

I also finished a Low Volume project but I'm still attaching the binding  and I only want to post a finish when its finished...
 I feel really happy lately. Im feeling pretty good. I'm making good work. I think it's because my family and I figured out a good way to schedule my time. Time management, baby! 
Quilters Rock! 

Star ApPEEL - A Finish for Friday

I loved everything about making this. I loved the process. I loved what I learned, and I think most of all,  I loved how it turned out.  Tonight I went to Guild Meeting and shared it in show and tell. I loved that as well. People really seem to "get" how happy I am about it.  Im a little giddy. .")
I started this quilt months ago.. it was an experiment.  I took the yellow/light orange folded it in forths and used the outside curve of a template set to make the centers then I used the curve template complete the block ... kinda backwards and improvy... it was fun .     After I made the top I waited for quilting inspiration to hit.. how would I quilt it? I just wanted the nice laundered crinkles of the linen but the stars I wanted to have a texture. I tried a freehand "L" pattern in the linen. It's new for me (more experiments, get it?) but I'd like to master it, its so fun, fast and easy.
This quilt is a bit of a departure for me. do you know what it is? Notice the lack of print.. 
Because it was an experiment, I used materials I either had a lot of... that linen blend, or, stuff I wasn't crazy about ( the yellow) . I really like the composition, it was inspired by a game show skit on SNL (Password)
this photo has my cat in it - 16+ years old, she's awesome. say Hi Muir. I asked her what her name was when she was a baby and she said "muir" cat tangent, sorry.. 
This photo shows the overall effect as a whole. my holder husband decided the orange needed to be the binding.  He was very passionate about his opinion. I hate making a solid binding.. most of my quick quilting magic on how to join the binding strips together uses right side/ wrong side. I have a devil of a time getting all the seams on the same side of a solid binding.. frustration. so, as a result, I never, but I mean,  NEVER do a solid binding. this time I put an x in ink pen on the "rightside" and joined away... totally worked... hooray!
I used an awesome vintage print on the back. I love this quilt. Its really rare for me for me make something and really feel like it "worked". I usually donate quilts of this size to charity. This one I'm keeping. Its going in my "someday those step kids of mine will give me grandkids" Pile.  I love its general good feeling. Informal, Happy and Functional. More than that, I'm also really pleased with its Composition and Negative Space.
 I took pics in my garden and at the Venetian in Hillsboro Oregon. We go there often for lunch, its a converted Theater with this old projector on display.  I love it there, its so comfortable and relaxing. they have big garage doors that slide up in the summer. its just wonderful.. 
Thanks for letting me shoot my quilts there.
the Venetian and Quilters Rock!

Splat Quilt

Untitled by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
Untitled, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
well here it is! I finally quilted the spalt quilt as part of my June is UFO month agenda. Im pretty happy with it and it was really simple.

I used  Annie's Farm stand Orange big dot as the backing and a great simple pale stripe for the binding. 
Im pretty thrilled about how it turned out as a first try with this method. I know I'll be making and doing this style again.
Its great after about 10 years of Quilting to finally feel as though I'm coming into my own as a quilter. I'm finding my voice :) happy me. 
About a year a year ago I received treatment for some previously untreated chronic medical issues.  I can feel the difference. I can really see it in my work as well. I originally made this top about a month after receiving my first treatments. when I look at this quilt. I see healing.
Quilters Rock!


 I went from this to a finished quilt in 3 days... well, finished except for the binding. 
My husband went to the gym and I: finished a top, made a back, loaded it up and quilted it! zip! bam! Boom! I'm trying to get some good practice in on this new design.  
The DS quilt blue print is the binding.  I've attached it and then basted it. I'll hand sew it down  over the next couple weeks while I watch TV.  I mentioned to Hubs that I was going to machine the binding and he said "what? Its too good for that." Im excited to show it when its finished.. 
I mean really finished ... 

Quilter's Rock!

My Latest Finish

detail by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
detail, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
Heres a little detail of my latest finish. I'm trying to learn how to edit and produce better photos of my quilting.  Now that I'm teaching freehand frame quilting over at Modern Domestic PDX I'm trying to get them better photos of my work.

I haven't done much this week other than home stuff like install a cabinet in the powder room,
cook, ...Oh I found out I want a Chiweenie! a Chiweenie
Ate Kale at Veggie Grill- yum! tomorrrow is lentil soup - im am so there... :)
Joined up with the Low Volume QAL and started cutting fabrics ... and ...darn it! start a new quilt project.
well, so much for UFO month... Im obsessed at least for the next couple days..
quilters rock!

is it anything??

IM pretty happy with it and the Straws are a striped sheet from Pottery barn that I love...
it matches FMF perfectly.
I'll be making lots more starws for the margins and I already have a quilting plan...
Sorry for the crap phone photo...
Quilters Rock!

JUNE WIP update week 1

Next in the binding que... WIP by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
Next in the binding que... WIP, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
So status is good.. .this is finished and on the bed. 
I passed one project on to a thrilled finisher. win/win if you ask me. 
I finished:
 3 charity quilts bound 
1 experimental delight  I bound by hand and is finished 
1 queen sized fun patch (at top of post)  
still unfinished: 

1 quilt -(above) with binding unattached but cut and sewn. I'm going to hand finish this one so all I have to do is attach that binding and then put the quilt out by the couch for TV time. It was an experiment I'm thrilled with so stay tuned..
1 quilt -I didn't touch at all - bummer.
I cannot tell you how boring all this machine binding is... seriously, snoozeville! I am so sewing next week... 

I have to go to Ikea (that is an all day trip for me) along with errands in town this week, time may be a bit short for sewing for the rest of the week but I'm working on it.

Next on the list:  I have about three tops that need finishing touches, I look at them and I'm uninspired and they just lay there like a drunk coed and I don't want to touch them....  so its time to decide. Finish them up or toss them... 
I have another 7 tops (small) for charity and a handfull of other tops, but I think my biggest need is to get rid of the dead projects/unfinished/leftovers/ etc.. I need to decide what to finish or what to ditch... 

I have a project on the wall that needs completing.. I'd like to at least work on it a bit this coming week. 
In general I feel really great about all the work Im getting done. I love this idea of UFO focus. 
click the UFO button if your interested in more information. 
I'm goal oriented! woot
Quilters Rock!