Binding by Hand

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I'm nearly half way done hand binding my Picnic Quilt. I've taken the day off from life today. Just listening to the rain and handsewing. Normally I machine bind- I believe in it. As a Concept. As in this is meant to be used and washed and I only have so much time to sew so I want to machine bind. I mean, heck, I use a car, a washing machine, a dishwasher. etc etc.. why would I hand sew? Only today I needed a break and I think this quilt turned out way more "worked" then my usual. It seems to need a hand binding. While I have been binding I watched a Francis Bacon Documentary. It was so great! I'm totally inspired by him, his art, his life and his agressiveness. I used to have a postcard of one of his pope studies pinned in my cubicle when I worked.
DH went to Folsom this morning (4:30) and just got back.... so its dinner...
Quilters mostly rock!