Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash
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I recently took my husband to the airport and since I was over on the "eastside" I popped into Fabric Depot. I have been looking at this line online and in my new Hancock's Catalog.
I recently decided this Groove by Robert Kaufman was just the thing my stash needed... .
happy stash!

all better..

all better..
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The doctor declared her growth cancer free.... she was kinda surprised the biopsy came back clear.
Today she had a bit of a bounce in her step. .. and she barked at me to do her bidding.... so she must be feeling much better. She can be kinda bossy, honestly, I don't know where she gets it from..:D

Kinda thrilled about this..... squeee! They grow up so fast! even when he is alarming close to 30..

Sew Katie Did and I swapped fabrics way back when and I am finally using the last of the charms and scraps. I used the other parts of these scraps in my spare change quilt ( set on flickr) and Saturday Night at Modern Domestic I cut the last of them up for the rings quilt I am working on.

Today my DH and I went to Farmington Gardens before taking my Mom out to dinner for a belated Mothers Day. We took First Street out of town and right past the Jackson Bottoms Wildlife Center we came across this field of clover. I love living so close to the urban growth boundry. Love it!

Quilters Rock!

All Better!

Oh no! It isn't enough that my husband got the flu and a head cold. I got the flu and a head cold. Then I got an ear infection...
I was a bit caught up in my own body failing me I didn't notice that my doggy was "not right".
Now that my sinuses are clear can someone please tell me " what the hell is that smell?"
Stella, is that you?
Turns out there is a growth - lets not call it a tumor till its back from biopsy- tangling in her mouth. Catching food, getting chewed, getting infected... grossest ever. The vet originally said she had a broken tooth and lets go do a "dental". Called me on the phone to say " hey, guess what I found?" The growth was attached to the roof of her mouth by a stem so they just burn thru the connection and left part of the growth. Usually they "melon ball" out everything and make sure there are no cells left. Hopefully its not yet in the bone.
Beagles are prone to growths of all kinds so that s a bummer. Now that we are one day post surgery.. Beagles are also super cry babies..... I mean Geez ! What a Whiner! Here she is in her Laundry Basket/ Sleep Basket right after coming home.

poor little baby! She cried all night and was miserable. It was clear her tummy hurt and I could her gurrgle...
Around Noon today she asked to eat.. Stella does this by pawing her bowl or if I walk into the kitchen, she will sit on the rug in front of the stove and kinda cough and sniff the air. I gave her a little something.. Chicken, oatmeal, Raw prepared food (she is on a BARF diet) and she brightened up a bit.

I think she is on the road to recovery... happy smiles all around! Now lets just hope that biopsy isn't malignant.
That Moulin Rouge quit that she is laying on was rejected by a charity for being "ugly"... I am not even kidding. Not for lack of craftsmanship but the leader didn't like the colors (bitch). I used it as practice and it has some of my very first feathers and a pretty good meander if I do say so myself. plus... . Stella loves it, so there!

Quilters Rock but puppies Rule!