Finally I am Done..

I finally finished my 2 quilts I am making for Xmas. This is for my step son, and my favorite quilt of the pair. I'm pretty pleased with it and hope he likes it.

This is for my step daughter who lives in AZ and I hope she likes it. I don't know her very well, and my husband picked out some fabrics and I picked out some more and there you go. I made this for the Round About Quilt Along which I loved participating in and it is open ended, so if you want to make one - check it out. I used the Eliza Back Porch template set which I love! Lots of bang for the buck on this.
My husband quilted on both of these.. and helped with ironing and binding (I mean, if you blinked you missed it- but he helped:})
Now I am making little blocks with scraps and amusing myself. I should be binding for Give a kid a Quilt but I cannot seem to move.. I have worked about 12 hours a day for the last 4 days.
I'm bushed!
I'll be back here in the New Year!
Check out how the Charity work is going over at Give a Kid a Quilt, I'll still be blogging over there.
Check my flickr to see pics of the quilting and details of the work.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Quilters Rock!

a quick update

It hasn't been above freezing for a couple days and I can tell you I'm getting plenty sick of it.

the fountan or water feature is almost completely frozen.

This is my fast baby quilt pattern I am making a bunch of for the Give a Kid a Quilt program.
Its super fast and the perfect size for a baby. I can use up a bunch of FQs and they are super fast.
Im kind of excited.. I've made 3 so far.

I haven't gotten hardly anywhere on my Xmas quilt for my step son... so I am working on that tonight. Hopefully it will come together soon.

Quilters Rock!

Shameless Etsy Plug!

Over in the store Munki munki PJ parts are on sale ... Just in time for Xmas. They are on sale about 30% cheaper than normal.

Where Im At

Im loving this block today. I'm in the middle of trying to get my top finished for my stepson. He is 29 and is working on his Masters at Chicago Art Institute. This block reminds me of Andy Warhol's Flowers HERE. Get it? My SS is an artist too... since I have no idea if he will even come close to understanding the work and effort of making a quilt, I decided to make it easy and use what I like. His father and I picked the fabrics and tone. In fact, my DH has really been involved giving opinions, and helping me edit fabrics. That part of it has been really fun. I plan to have him help me quilt as well. Really, Im gonna let him quilt only a little bit, but something so he can tell the kids he helped. Maybe I will let him write a message in the quilting. He is so excited and happy.
It still has taken longer than I wanted.
Doesn't it always?
We have had a couple of serious problems one of which is the following:
I originally thought I would use this pale blue as the background, looks grey here and it washed out all the colors except orange and green. I so wanted to use it, I had saved it in a bag just for this project. To be truthful most of the stuff I set aside for this project was abandoned.

Instead of this ugly grey/blue we decided on this pale yellow.
It sets off the blues and greys and I think will work great. I thought about using white but I didn't have enough and we are using what we have, kind of a stash busting exercise.

Right now the plan is to bind with the wood grain but only time will tell.
Quilters Rock!