Well, It is a quilting blog so here is my latest finish... a simple free pieced lap with my freestyle quilting all over... I started it in July.... Sometimes my head fills with what I like to call " the static of being overwhelmed" ... I use the noise of the machine to quiet my inner "static" and try and recenter... Took me 4 months to do 6-10 hours of quilting... wtf? Somehow I am not able to get to my quilting as often as I would like..
I lately have been feeling like my life and its circumstances are slightly out of my control. Thats a bummer, but its not permanent and things change. Seriously, I have a feeling that I'm not alone. Times are tough all over. Lots of folks are a little extra stressed for lots of reasons.
I handle it as well as I can, I quilt when I can and let it out. Someone over on Flickr posted a comment and called it "insane" ... Doh! I guess the secret is out... :)

The one great Relief I get is hanging out with fellow quilters talking shop, sewing, goofing around. Light, meaningful interaction - full of support, great advice and a liberal dose of silliness.... Thanks Ladies!

So this Thanksgiving goes out to you! Thanks! Your Awesome and I hope your MIL gets drunk early and falls asleep! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
A special shout out to my Westie-Besties Faith and Kim:
You guys Rock! I'm super grateful! I'll be dipping my breast meat in gravy and thinking of you! :D
Happy Thankgiving!
Quilters Rock!

How you doing?


So my stepson is staying with us for a little while. He arrived here last Monday and is staying in the guest room. He looks totally just like his dad. He just graduated from art school and I’m giving him a bit of access to my fabric stash. He loves all the wall paper looking designs. He posted some of the Neptune and urban chicks for sale on Ebay… my heart hurt a little letting them go, but it’s unlikely at this point I will use them for a project… we all know his cell phone bill isn’t paying for itself – so I said "my destash is your pocket money" I know I have mentioned before how much I hate doing etsy/ebay.
And oh yeah… I had to have a tooth taken out on Saturday and now my shoulder hurts for some reason along with my jaw… go figure… I totally thought I just needed a filling...WHA??
So I’ve been working with my charity group making Christmas quilts for the kids living at a group home. Approx 16 boy quilts and 8 girl quilts, each is between lap and twin . Some kids are going to be all warm and toasty with their brand new quilts for the coming winter.

Quilter Rock!

Art supplies on poplin

Art supplies on poplin
Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio

I finally got my box- I know that I didn't have to wait that long but for a second there, I felt like I was the last woman on earth to get her package...
It finally arrived.. for me this is the best bit...
Art Supplies in Poplin...
Quilters Rock!

a modern quilt.

a modern quilt.
Originally uploaded by CB Handmade
This one is made by Erica.
I have seen them made here, there, everywhere...
somehow this one by Erica cut thru the fog and made me say to myself
" your making a cross quilt. " it may be a while but I can totally see mine.
I can see how I'd quilt it, the colors ... I am so ON this...
Part of me thinks:
"dont be a sheeple! resist the urge!"
Lets face it- I''m joining the herd... Im on it- its awesome and for some reason - I super love this one!
I think its the couple of blocks that are "windowpaned" -but who really cares- its awesome - super awesome....
thanks for sharing this Erica.. simply lovely...

pin cushion

pin cushion
Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
Well, Portland Modern Quilt guild meets tomorrow and is having a pin cushion swap. Since I hurt my thumb I have been unable to do handwork.
I have been thinking hard how to make a pincushion for the swap with a minimum of handwork.
I also didn't have any stuffing or poly fill so I used a couple of pieces of felt.
I don't generally do crafty type stuff, Im feeling pretty proud right now.

Pins and Needles

Heather Ross had a Studio Sale...
I posted my request at 10:02 ( I started at 9:58) I very carefully prewrote my request, asked my husband to edit it, and pasted in the notes section.
Received an email I got in...
Received an email that Heather was working
Received an email that my box was shipping
and now I'm watching all the flickr photos and watching all the boxes roll in and reading all the about all the phone calls folks are getting ....
Seriously, its killing me!! I am so wishing to get my package... I'm so excited... I just am so EXCITED!!!
Send Mine Next!!! me me me!
Its so exciting to see what all the folks are getting.. oh boy.... stay tuned...
Quilters Rock!

All better... ;)

All better... ;)
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I'm sure this would be my Wordless Wednesday but I guess I should share.... Mom and I went to Knittin Kitten again. we came back and I was rushing to get a casserole in the oven so we could go out front and decorate for Halloween.
We recently hit Target hard for some full size candy bars, a skull, 3 different sizes of spiders and some web. Mom is kinda digging Halloween this year and wants to decorate and "do" the holiday.
Anywhoo, I was using a chefs knife and sliced the tip of my thumb nearly off.
Seriously, I think that damn thing attacked me!
Mom was otherwise engaged so she didn't really know about it - I smoothed out the skin flap, (that sucker bled like crazy! As in I could see my pulse!) and pressed down(hard). I rinsed the blood off and patted dry. I called the DH to come home, take mom home, and take me to the Doctor.
They fixed me up.
DH took me for Indian food because:
A. I'm not cooking tonight
B. Chicken tikka makes me happy
C. Garlic nan- nuff said

When we got home DH gave me Ice Cream, a kiss on my forehead and asked "all better?"
yep, all better.... :) thanks honey!
Friday Im going sewing(read: drinking) with my gal pals- so I may not get a lot sewn this week..
Worst part is: Im really trying to get a quilt off the quilter- as in done quilting - this is another depressing delay... boo hiss!
Quilters Rock!

Piecing Hexies

Piecing Hexies
Originally uploaded by RamonaX
Ramona from the Modern Quilt Guild has done a really great hexie tut..

Thanks Ramona! check it out here!

Wip Wednesday

Wip Wednesday
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Well, I'm _still _ working on this.... Am I now entering my third month??
for Pete's sake....
In 10 days, knock wood, the house will close.
in the last month my BIL has had his heart stopped (under hospital care) and restarted .. twice.
My sweet darling step son still can't find meaningful work and well, my mom is still my mom....
I remember not too long ago, laying out in the sun in our sweet loungers, drowsy from the sun, sipping limeade.
I remember sewing all day and getting projects done....
... suddenly, it seems like my whole life went "WIP" on me....
Lets talk about the quilt:
I had an idea and that purple polka dot (it is purple) was the perfect background ... Construction was pretty simple, quilting is also pretty simple but a bit fiddly..
Hopefully when I get it finished, trimmed and bound ... I'l love it..
Right now when I look at it I'm filled with longing. Longing for time, and energy to finish it. Honestly, Im making memories while this quilt sits, while all my sewing sits, memories that years from now when this quilt is finished and thrown over my lap I'll be able to revisit.
Time spent with my mom, chatting and being supportive to my step son, and finally getting rid of that damn( it wasn't that bad) house. I guess its not so bad after all that its taking so long...
Quilters Rock!

Knittin Kitten

Knittin Kitten
Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
Okay! Hold on to your hats!
I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag!!
Yesterday i went to Knittin Kitten - a fabric, notion and yarn store....
First off, I took my mom... she took 2 steps in and plopped in a chair. She went no further. Now that she is older she really hates what she calls "junk" stores. This store is mostly a giant de-stash... its awesome..
I mean patterns, yarn, buttons, ribbon, every notion under the sun... all of it out of someones stash being upcycled... Awesome! Its got the "portland weird" factor so its not for you snobby types and if you don't know who you are-- trust us, we do, so just ask! :)
*Rant Alert*
But here's a clue: you come to the meetings 20 minutes late every month, disrupt everything while you migrate to the back where you laugh and whisper thru the ENTIRE meeting but don't contribute or talk to anybody else.... so if you're one of those folks, you will hate this store, because you are way too good for it.

I went there to get some thing for my pin cushion - you know, for the upcoming swap... as if I will actually make one, which we all know is highly unlikely because I hardly manage anything anymore. But still.

I asked about the awesome glass vintage buttons I was casually *OMFG! look at these buttons!* pawing thru and "blammo" she went back and grabbed a giant box.... of even more awesome... vintage... glass ... buttons... did I mention handpainted?
most of them are shanked , which is supposed to be not as good.... but seriously .... I got an instant stash of "grandmas buttons".
I don't have a stash of grandmas buttons or old family sewing supplies. The grandma that I was really close to didn't sew because she was busy doing other things.

okay so RUN -not walk- over to Knittin Kitten - tell them the Fat Red Headed Lady sent you because I don't think she knows my name...
that little blue heart button has a key on it.... get it... key to my heart!
I died! Ba - na- nas!
Quilters Rock!

Rossie is Awesome....but you already know that!

I just sat and watched this lecture instead of sewing.... I skipped ahead a bit here and there but for the most part it was a worth while lecture... It helped me think about my work and what I want from from my quilting. How to articulate my voice in blanket form...
thanks to Rossie for posting it...

You can watch it here:

Modern Quilting, Mutant Quilting

Modern Quilting, Mutant Quilting

About this video:
"This lecture on modern quilting describes my journey as well as giving the lay of the modern-quilting land. I cover what I see as some key aesthetics of modern quilts, I ponder the appropriateness of the term "modern" as it applies to quilts, and generally get nerdy on a number of topics that relate---in my brain, anyway--to modern quilting.

Among them: wabi sabi, simultaneity, linen clocks, and Bewitched.

Quilters Rock!

Sunday Stash Henna Garden

Last night at Modern Domestic a lady whose name I don't recall got very excited about a piece of Henna Garden in my scrap basket. We got to talking about it and I told her I had been a bit obsessed myself...
Here is a shot of my collection ... I feel a little embarrassed revealing my obsession, but there it is... is there any I'm missing??
Quilters Rock!

Too early?

Stellas food stand and Mollys ashes... On display. Our little
memorial. My husband I have agreement. We trade "death duty".
Last time he made all the decisions and the other spouse can't
kibbitz. He chose ashes, I chose group cremation and I'm making a
memorial quilt.

O Stella! Star!

Goodbye little Stella Bean!
Today we put down my sweet little Stella.. When they Xrayed her lungs yesterday she had very little function left. A fast metastasized cancer they think. She hasn't been well, she's old,yesterday she ate and today she refused, it's time.
Stella got her name from a PJ Harvey song "O Stella" which has long, long been a favorite of mine. I saw PJ Harvey at Jabberjaw or at Al's bar and a couple of other times in LA when I lived there 15 years ago, and at the old La Luna when I moved here to Portland. I used to live at the Malvern which was a short walking distance from La Luna ... mmm goodtimes.... Lots of cider.
( in fact - if you knew Carly and Micheal before they were the Weezer Merch Girls - contact me- I still talk to Nicole)

I got a job, I worked like a dog, I bought a house, I fell in love and moved out to the 'burbs.

Stella was my last connection to the younger Portland/LA me, the free, breezy, punk rocker that danced nearly naked at Mudhoney( in LA it gets really hot and in my defense the boys took their shirts off - and I was going thru a seriously radical feminist phase- can you say "riot grrrl"?) . That girl who danced for hours and hours at clubs, and thought nothing of driving home on the freeways late at night shirtless. Come to think of it I spent a great deal of time in my 20's in LA - in various states of night time public undress. To look at me now, a fat old housewife living in a very conservative part of Washington County you'd never think I was as wild as I was.

Stella was bossy and determined and reminded me of myself in my youth. She looked at me at the MultCo Dog Rescue and said "Bitch! you're NOT leaving without ME! Get me out of here!"
I didn't ask anyone if they wanted to live with her.... I just brought her and Molly home.

Please, in memorial, listen to this song?

Thanks for all your nice thoughts and generous support. A lot of you have been really sweet. I'm grateful.
Quilters Rock!

20$ temporary bifocals

Now that I'm old, I sometimes need a little help doing hexes and hand
sewing bindings... :)
I'm not ready for bifocals yet but these temporary bifocals just stick
on and have a handy storage case.
*edit* its 2 weeks later and I still haven't used them. I was at the Eye Dr. with mom and decided I needed them and I'm sure I will soon- right now I just take off my glasses to see close up- which leaves me vulnerable to anything further away than 3 feet.

Stella Marie your my Star!

Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Vet Office.
Stella is now at home at resting. We had the dreaded discussion about
palliative care and diagnostic excess.
Xrays show she has something on her lungs... crap.
Things were just getting to a new normal...
( I haven't really written about it but I think someone put a diaper on the ceiling fan because poop is flying... we have had some pretty serious bad news regarding the decline of our parents. my FIL and my mother. I haven't gone into it because I don't want to try and put it into words and talk about my feeling- ugh! )

She told me was hungry this morning so she had an egg with rice.. and is resting again. Hooray!

Serging to a Finish

Friday, I went to Modern Domestic with some of my Modern Quilt Guild pals. Cherri was visiting from Alaska for the Blues Festival and won't be back till September. So a small collection of us ate dinner at the Tin Shed and walked a few doors down to sew.

Modern Domestic has sergers. Those scary multi thread things with a cutter. So I made this quilt a big giant queen sized quilt. Its been a beast to wrangle around. I had just taken it off the machine and it needed a trim and the binding attached.

I asked to try a serger... I took my untrimmed monster and used the serger to Trim and Attach the binding in one fell swoop! Awesome!

In retrospect, I think next time I would square the corners before I serge the binding the on, but otherwise it was a screaming success. Thanks Modern Domestic.

Quilters Rock!

Flea Market Fancy

Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
I made up some scrap bags of FMF prints. Perfect for hexies and other small projects. 10 different prints per bundle.
I put them over in my shop at $12.50.

Mama needs to buy batting....

Whew... I put 5 up at first and they flew out the door...
listed another 15... Gosh Folks .. Thanks so much!


Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash
Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio

I recently took my husband to the airport and since I was over on the "eastside" I popped into Fabric Depot. I have been looking at this line online and in my new Hancock's Catalog.
I recently decided this Groove by Robert Kaufman was just the thing my stash needed... .
happy stash!

all better..

all better..
Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
The doctor declared her growth cancer free.... she was kinda surprised the biopsy came back clear.
Today she had a bit of a bounce in her step. .. and she barked at me to do her bidding.... so she must be feeling much better. She can be kinda bossy, honestly, I don't know where she gets it from..:D

Kinda thrilled about this..... squeee! They grow up so fast! even when he is alarming close to 30..

Sew Katie Did and I swapped fabrics way back when and I am finally using the last of the charms and scraps. I used the other parts of these scraps in my spare change quilt ( set on flickr) and Saturday Night at Modern Domestic I cut the last of them up for the rings quilt I am working on.

Today my DH and I went to Farmington Gardens before taking my Mom out to dinner for a belated Mothers Day. We took First Street out of town and right past the Jackson Bottoms Wildlife Center we came across this field of clover. I love living so close to the urban growth boundry. Love it!

Quilters Rock!

All Better!

Oh no! It isn't enough that my husband got the flu and a head cold. I got the flu and a head cold. Then I got an ear infection...
I was a bit caught up in my own body failing me I didn't notice that my doggy was "not right".
Now that my sinuses are clear can someone please tell me " what the hell is that smell?"
Stella, is that you?
Turns out there is a growth - lets not call it a tumor till its back from biopsy- tangling in her mouth. Catching food, getting chewed, getting infected... grossest ever. The vet originally said she had a broken tooth and lets go do a "dental". Called me on the phone to say " hey, guess what I found?" The growth was attached to the roof of her mouth by a stem so they just burn thru the connection and left part of the growth. Usually they "melon ball" out everything and make sure there are no cells left. Hopefully its not yet in the bone.
Beagles are prone to growths of all kinds so that s a bummer. Now that we are one day post surgery.. Beagles are also super cry babies..... I mean Geez ! What a Whiner! Here she is in her Laundry Basket/ Sleep Basket right after coming home.

poor little baby! She cried all night and was miserable. It was clear her tummy hurt and I could her gurrgle...
Around Noon today she asked to eat.. Stella does this by pawing her bowl or if I walk into the kitchen, she will sit on the rug in front of the stove and kinda cough and sniff the air. I gave her a little something.. Chicken, oatmeal, Raw prepared food (she is on a BARF diet) and she brightened up a bit.

I think she is on the road to recovery... happy smiles all around! Now lets just hope that biopsy isn't malignant.
That Moulin Rouge quit that she is laying on was rejected by a charity for being "ugly"... I am not even kidding. Not for lack of craftsmanship but the leader didn't like the colors (bitch). I used it as practice and it has some of my very first feathers and a pretty good meander if I do say so myself. plus... . Stella loves it, so there!

Quilters Rock but puppies Rule!

close up of Castle Peeps

close up of Castle Peeps
Originally uploaded by lizzyhouse
Omg! Its coming! Castle Peeps is just around the corner! Thanks for a little look see! That yellow flag with the blue walls is awesome.


Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
Thanks to everybody who left comments on my last post. I received quite a few private emails as well. So happy to know I'm not alone.
I'm an avid reader of "Things I want to Punch in the Face" and I think I had just left their site when I wrote my post. I meant it as a funny, not a personal finger point at YOU. I got a couple humdinger private email rants about the constitution and artistic imperative... :grin:

Its a week of anniversaries - 3 years ago we closed on our house, 4 years ago I started on Flickr and 15 years ago I met the man who would nearly a decade later become my husband.

Monday is my day off.. Long ago when we were doing a renovation I would take off Mondays to rest up from whatever hard labor I had done over the weekend. Its a bit of a tradition that stuck in our house. I tend not to sew or do much of anything. Yesterday I went to a Sewing Workshop where I volunteer and assist women with their sewing and quilting so today I am really taking it off. I'm tired.
I've spent the day watching Documentaries... Recently, a new channel started "the doc channel". My tivo is working overtime. Man, I love Docs!! today I saw a great one on circus freaks and sideshow performers.
Quilt wise - Im working on my potholder for the Modern Quilt Guild Exchange.

Cute little blocklet

Working out of my scrap bin. I have a bunch of partial 3" orange strips. Heres a little blocklet and wishing you a happy weekend!

Here is some weirdy spirit photos ...

Quilters Rock!

WIP Wednesday

This what I'm back working on ... its slow going. I been on a break finishing this top. I thought working on it would help me finish this. Help me focus on color and placement etc etc.
Its a lot of little pieces, a lot of fiddling. I think I have fiddle fatigue...:D
Rant Alert!!!!
I'm gonna blow!
I got sort of caught up on my Bee Blocks.. hooray. Not gonna bore with the details, which is one of my pet peeves on other blogs( check my flickr if you care) that, and the Effing Music...
Do I think you wanna listen to my music?... no I don't. What kind of conceit makes one put a music player on their blog? Its shidious, wailing, of lame, college alt.vag makes me want scream.... seriously, Im already listening to music... my music, music I like. And stop making me search for the off button..Put it up top so I can turn it off!
Rant Over!!!
So I need to figure out the corners... I may use Gwens Solution from her book - or not- we'll see what happens. For now I am just gonna keep making my points..

Im making strips of points about 10-15 long then setting them aside, making more.. till I get really long strips. On and on it goes.

I am really liking it but am thinking of adding some solid blue in spots or white points... experimenting..

Nicole * Nick Hole
I recently saw a documentary. In the documentary was snips of a music video... a video in which my friend Nicole appeared. I grew up in Southern California, trying to get in music videos or go to tapings was a hobby for some. Nicole has had a bumpy go it... But I love her still and it was great see a moment of our past- I can't tell you how often she wore that shirt- in fact, I may have slept in it myself- I got to show my DH and show him the Sea Shrew (not in the photo) when she was young.. He recently saw her at Craftapollooza during the holiday season selling her felt monsters, and helped me take photos of her to send Nicole. They had an acrimonious split, I sided with Team Nicole. I miss Nicole she lives in NC now and I haven't heard from her in months... Im a little worried.

So that's what I've been doing this week .. Bees, Docs, and Points..
Quilters Rock!

Wordless Wednesday

Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio

Binding by Hand

Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
I'm nearly half way done hand binding my Picnic Quilt. I've taken the day off from life today. Just listening to the rain and handsewing. Normally I machine bind- I believe in it. As a Concept. As in this is meant to be used and washed and I only have so much time to sew so I want to machine bind. I mean, heck, I use a car, a washing machine, a dishwasher. etc etc.. why would I hand sew? Only today I needed a break and I think this quilt turned out way more "worked" then my usual. It seems to need a hand binding. While I have been binding I watched a Francis Bacon Documentary. It was so great! I'm totally inspired by him, his art, his life and his agressiveness. I used to have a postcard of one of his pope studies pinned in my cubicle when I worked.
DH went to Folsom this morning (4:30) and just got back.... so its dinner...
Quilters mostly rock!

What to do.. What to do....

•Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross
•Text HAITI to 25383 to donate $5 to International Rescue Committee
•Text HAITI to 45678 to donate $5 to the Salvation Army in Canada
•Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele
•Text HAITI to 20222 to donate $10 through the Clinton Foundation
•Text HAITI to 864833 to donate $5 to The United Way
•Text CERF to 90999 to donate $5 to The United Nations Foundation
•Text DISASTER to 90999 to donate $10 to Compassion International

Clean water ...the dead buried... and preventing the spread of shit borne disease... that's whats needed. Food might be nice too.

Welcome Home, a Goodbye, and a New Plan!

Tuesday before New Years my beloved was scheduled to come home from NY (Long Island- nissaquoge(sp?) St James) It snowed like crazy. I am from Southern California, that means it is unsafe for everyone for me to be driving in the snow. period. unsafe. I called a couple of vans to see if I could get him a ride home and - Hello? they laughed at me!
I called my super snow driving girlfriend from Alaska, she said I could do it but I needed to leave early and drive slow.

Midway thru my drive I decided I needed to apply a little Voo Doo to the situation. So I skipped getting on the 5 and went thru downtown. Pit stop.

They claim magic in the hole ... So I got a lot of holes in the form of a fruit loop covered glazed and a cup of tea! It worked! I sailed down Sandy to the 86 and was at the airport in short order.
My Beloved drove us home and it was completely clear! Voo DOO!

New Years Eve Day we all piled in the car to run errands downtown. We lunched at La Buca on the eastside, Hit the museum, and pitstopped at Papa Haydons on the way home.

Here is a photo from inside the museum ... fresh, modern Amish anyone? I'm thinking on it. Doubting I will go solid though...
So, one of my favorite blogs is Crazy Mom Quilts. On New Years Amanda Jean announced that she was quitting her blog. I totally understand, but she will be missed.

Oh Fransson! also one of my favs has cut way back her blogging. I hope they got book deals and are finally going to make money and be famous! Or had babies and are now busy. Either way I will miss reading their posts and even though I generally lurk and not participate, I feel very friendly towards them, so its a bummer for me and I will miss them. * Tearful Wave from Rail platform with hanky - music swells*
So whats in store over here at Chez 2nd Ave? I too will be cutting back my blogging to once or twice a month, which may turn out to be just once a month. I still will be doing Give a Kid a Quilt, and in general quilting as usual. I also will be sewing more this year in general. Most of it will go to Charity but a bit will be next years Christmas presents and I few in mind as keepers for me. I'd like a new lap. :)
Quilters Rock!