Art supplies on poplin

Art supplies on poplin
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I finally got my box- I know that I didn't have to wait that long but for a second there, I felt like I was the last woman on earth to get her package...
It finally arrived.. for me this is the best bit...
Art Supplies in Poplin...
Quilters Rock!

a modern quilt.

a modern quilt.
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This one is made by Erica.
I have seen them made here, there, everywhere...
somehow this one by Erica cut thru the fog and made me say to myself
" your making a cross quilt. " it may be a while but I can totally see mine.
I can see how I'd quilt it, the colors ... I am so ON this...
Part of me thinks:
"dont be a sheeple! resist the urge!"
Lets face it- I''m joining the herd... Im on it- its awesome and for some reason - I super love this one!
I think its the couple of blocks that are "windowpaned" -but who really cares- its awesome - super awesome....
thanks for sharing this Erica.. simply lovely...

pin cushion

pin cushion
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Well, Portland Modern Quilt guild meets tomorrow and is having a pin cushion swap. Since I hurt my thumb I have been unable to do handwork.
I have been thinking hard how to make a pincushion for the swap with a minimum of handwork.
I also didn't have any stuffing or poly fill so I used a couple of pieces of felt.
I don't generally do crafty type stuff, Im feeling pretty proud right now.

Pins and Needles

Heather Ross had a Studio Sale...
I posted my request at 10:02 ( I started at 9:58) I very carefully prewrote my request, asked my husband to edit it, and pasted in the notes section.
Received an email I got in...
Received an email that Heather was working
Received an email that my box was shipping
and now I'm watching all the flickr photos and watching all the boxes roll in and reading all the about all the phone calls folks are getting ....
Seriously, its killing me!! I am so wishing to get my package... I'm so excited... I just am so EXCITED!!!
Send Mine Next!!! me me me!
Its so exciting to see what all the folks are getting.. oh boy.... stay tuned...
Quilters Rock!

All better... ;)

All better... ;)
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I'm sure this would be my Wordless Wednesday but I guess I should share.... Mom and I went to Knittin Kitten again. we came back and I was rushing to get a casserole in the oven so we could go out front and decorate for Halloween.
We recently hit Target hard for some full size candy bars, a skull, 3 different sizes of spiders and some web. Mom is kinda digging Halloween this year and wants to decorate and "do" the holiday.
Anywhoo, I was using a chefs knife and sliced the tip of my thumb nearly off.
Seriously, I think that damn thing attacked me!
Mom was otherwise engaged so she didn't really know about it - I smoothed out the skin flap, (that sucker bled like crazy! As in I could see my pulse!) and pressed down(hard). I rinsed the blood off and patted dry. I called the DH to come home, take mom home, and take me to the Doctor.
They fixed me up.
DH took me for Indian food because:
A. I'm not cooking tonight
B. Chicken tikka makes me happy
C. Garlic nan- nuff said

When we got home DH gave me Ice Cream, a kiss on my forehead and asked "all better?"
yep, all better.... :) thanks honey!
Friday Im going sewing(read: drinking) with my gal pals- so I may not get a lot sewn this week..
Worst part is: Im really trying to get a quilt off the quilter- as in done quilting - this is another depressing delay... boo hiss!
Quilters Rock!

Piecing Hexies

Piecing Hexies
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Ramona from the Modern Quilt Guild has done a really great hexie tut..

Thanks Ramona! check it out here!

Wip Wednesday

Wip Wednesday
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Well, I'm _still _ working on this.... Am I now entering my third month??
for Pete's sake....
In 10 days, knock wood, the house will close.
in the last month my BIL has had his heart stopped (under hospital care) and restarted .. twice.
My sweet darling step son still can't find meaningful work and well, my mom is still my mom....
I remember not too long ago, laying out in the sun in our sweet loungers, drowsy from the sun, sipping limeade.
I remember sewing all day and getting projects done....
... suddenly, it seems like my whole life went "WIP" on me....
Lets talk about the quilt:
I had an idea and that purple polka dot (it is purple) was the perfect background ... Construction was pretty simple, quilting is also pretty simple but a bit fiddly..
Hopefully when I get it finished, trimmed and bound ... I'l love it..
Right now when I look at it I'm filled with longing. Longing for time, and energy to finish it. Honestly, Im making memories while this quilt sits, while all my sewing sits, memories that years from now when this quilt is finished and thrown over my lap I'll be able to revisit.
Time spent with my mom, chatting and being supportive to my step son, and finally getting rid of that damn( it wasn't that bad) house. I guess its not so bad after all that its taking so long...
Quilters Rock!

Knittin Kitten

Knittin Kitten
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Okay! Hold on to your hats!
I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag!!
Yesterday i went to Knittin Kitten - a fabric, notion and yarn store....
First off, I took my mom... she took 2 steps in and plopped in a chair. She went no further. Now that she is older she really hates what she calls "junk" stores. This store is mostly a giant de-stash... its awesome..
I mean patterns, yarn, buttons, ribbon, every notion under the sun... all of it out of someones stash being upcycled... Awesome! Its got the "portland weird" factor so its not for you snobby types and if you don't know who you are-- trust us, we do, so just ask! :)
*Rant Alert*
But here's a clue: you come to the meetings 20 minutes late every month, disrupt everything while you migrate to the back where you laugh and whisper thru the ENTIRE meeting but don't contribute or talk to anybody else.... so if you're one of those folks, you will hate this store, because you are way too good for it.

I went there to get some thing for my pin cushion - you know, for the upcoming swap... as if I will actually make one, which we all know is highly unlikely because I hardly manage anything anymore. But still.

I asked about the awesome glass vintage buttons I was casually *OMFG! look at these buttons!* pawing thru and "blammo" she went back and grabbed a giant box.... of even more awesome... vintage... glass ... buttons... did I mention handpainted?
most of them are shanked , which is supposed to be not as good.... but seriously .... I got an instant stash of "grandmas buttons".
I don't have a stash of grandmas buttons or old family sewing supplies. The grandma that I was really close to didn't sew because she was busy doing other things.

okay so RUN -not walk- over to Knittin Kitten - tell them the Fat Red Headed Lady sent you because I don't think she knows my name...
that little blue heart button has a key on it.... get it... key to my heart!
I died! Ba - na- nas!
Quilters Rock!