Sticks and Stones

"The details are not the details. They make the design."  - Charles Eames
"Art resides in the process of doing, process is not magic" - Charles Eames
"The real questions are:
Does it solve a problem?
Is it serviceable?
How is it going to look in 10 years?" Charles Eames

These quotes are what this quilt is about. I mean, sure, it's about all kinds of things, but mostly and intentionally, its about Design and Craftsmanship.

The background is Linen, so that it will have a long life, and provide a nice contrast to the cotton applique.
Its all turned appliqué so it wont fray. It's not fused, after all a quilt is for cuddling, for using.
The back is a great modern print from Ikea.
We recently welcomed the first grandchild into our family and this is the quilt I made while we waited for the child.  Clearly, its for a little girl, a modern little girl, a wee little me.  But no, my stepdaughter had a boy, with a green and yellow frog theme for the nursery.   They're expressing a different vision for him,  one that I'll interpret into a quilt for them and the baby. 
This quilt is designed to go into the washer and the dryer. Its all machine made.

It will hold up to the toughest cuddler. It's quilted with 2 patterns that will give contrasting touch and a good hand after repeated washing. In the quilting, I try and focus on creating a sense of intention and  I go for a more painterly quality, less uniformity. I want the quilt to be usable and comfy, not stiff or precious like a show quilt. 

Binding is low contrast and from a distance will not distract from the center, but up close it's a color coordinated stripe from Lizzy House.

This quilt is also really an homage to Eames. From the design, to the making, to the finishing. 
It's machine made. Machine quilted. Machine finished.

 After years of a dedicated focus on quilting, what it means to me, how I want to add to the legacy, and how I hope to have my work interpreted, I finally feel like Im starting to more closely hit my mark. My choices are purposeful, and intentional as part of the design.

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