close up of Castle Peeps

close up of Castle Peeps
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Omg! Its coming! Castle Peeps is just around the corner! Thanks for a little look see! That yellow flag with the blue walls is awesome.


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Thanks to everybody who left comments on my last post. I received quite a few private emails as well. So happy to know I'm not alone.
I'm an avid reader of "Things I want to Punch in the Face" and I think I had just left their site when I wrote my post. I meant it as a funny, not a personal finger point at YOU. I got a couple humdinger private email rants about the constitution and artistic imperative... :grin:

Its a week of anniversaries - 3 years ago we closed on our house, 4 years ago I started on Flickr and 15 years ago I met the man who would nearly a decade later become my husband.

Monday is my day off.. Long ago when we were doing a renovation I would take off Mondays to rest up from whatever hard labor I had done over the weekend. Its a bit of a tradition that stuck in our house. I tend not to sew or do much of anything. Yesterday I went to a Sewing Workshop where I volunteer and assist women with their sewing and quilting so today I am really taking it off. I'm tired.
I've spent the day watching Documentaries... Recently, a new channel started "the doc channel". My tivo is working overtime. Man, I love Docs!! today I saw a great one on circus freaks and sideshow performers.
Quilt wise - Im working on my potholder for the Modern Quilt Guild Exchange.

Cute little blocklet

Working out of my scrap bin. I have a bunch of partial 3" orange strips. Heres a little blocklet and wishing you a happy weekend!

Here is some weirdy spirit photos ...

Quilters Rock!

WIP Wednesday

This what I'm back working on ... its slow going. I been on a break finishing this top. I thought working on it would help me finish this. Help me focus on color and placement etc etc.
Its a lot of little pieces, a lot of fiddling. I think I have fiddle fatigue...:D
Rant Alert!!!!
I'm gonna blow!
I got sort of caught up on my Bee Blocks.. hooray. Not gonna bore with the details, which is one of my pet peeves on other blogs( check my flickr if you care) that, and the Effing Music...
Do I think you wanna listen to my music?... no I don't. What kind of conceit makes one put a music player on their blog? Its shidious, wailing, of lame, college alt.vag makes me want scream.... seriously, Im already listening to music... my music, music I like. And stop making me search for the off button..Put it up top so I can turn it off!
Rant Over!!!
So I need to figure out the corners... I may use Gwens Solution from her book - or not- we'll see what happens. For now I am just gonna keep making my points..

Im making strips of points about 10-15 long then setting them aside, making more.. till I get really long strips. On and on it goes.

I am really liking it but am thinking of adding some solid blue in spots or white points... experimenting..

Nicole * Nick Hole
I recently saw a documentary. In the documentary was snips of a music video... a video in which my friend Nicole appeared. I grew up in Southern California, trying to get in music videos or go to tapings was a hobby for some. Nicole has had a bumpy go it... But I love her still and it was great see a moment of our past- I can't tell you how often she wore that shirt- in fact, I may have slept in it myself- I got to show my DH and show him the Sea Shrew (not in the photo) when she was young.. He recently saw her at Craftapollooza during the holiday season selling her felt monsters, and helped me take photos of her to send Nicole. They had an acrimonious split, I sided with Team Nicole. I miss Nicole she lives in NC now and I haven't heard from her in months... Im a little worried.

So that's what I've been doing this week .. Bees, Docs, and Points..
Quilters Rock!

Wordless Wednesday

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