Rossie is Awesome....but you already know that!

I just sat and watched this lecture instead of sewing.... I skipped ahead a bit here and there but for the most part it was a worth while lecture... It helped me think about my work and what I want from from my quilting. How to articulate my voice in blanket form...
thanks to Rossie for posting it...

You can watch it here:

Modern Quilting, Mutant Quilting

Modern Quilting, Mutant Quilting

About this video:
"This lecture on modern quilting describes my journey as well as giving the lay of the modern-quilting land. I cover what I see as some key aesthetics of modern quilts, I ponder the appropriateness of the term "modern" as it applies to quilts, and generally get nerdy on a number of topics that relate---in my brain, anyway--to modern quilting.

Among them: wabi sabi, simultaneity, linen clocks, and Bewitched.

Quilters Rock!

Sunday Stash Henna Garden

Last night at Modern Domestic a lady whose name I don't recall got very excited about a piece of Henna Garden in my scrap basket. We got to talking about it and I told her I had been a bit obsessed myself...
Here is a shot of my collection ... I feel a little embarrassed revealing my obsession, but there it is... is there any I'm missing??
Quilters Rock!