Finally Got Something uploaded to Etsy

IMG_1068 by you.

Took me long enough! I only loaded about half of what I have finished and then I have about the same unquilted. I feel kinda buried in inventory. Notice the Etsy button?
IMG_1040 by you.

New Fabric Line News!

A new Fabric Company is coming ... called Fine Lines Fabric Company!
They launched their Blog and have 2 fabric lines.
I'm going to "follow" that blog and watch them grow!
I really like the Watermark line of blenders.
Congratulations and I can't wait to see whats next!


I just joined WIP Wednesday to give me structure and maybe I will get 2 posts a week more often.
Big Picture I am working on growing my business. To that end I have started taking more quilting jobs, and trying to make every minute count.
I have some jobs in the works- there is a QUE on the sidebar - and this is my first internet job.
My friend Kim gave me a job to do but she had it delivered via another girlfriend that lives close. I sent pictures of backing and thread choices, cost estimates, etc., and she made every choice over the email. I'm pretty excited. It worked out really well.
IMG_1025 by you.
I decided I would practice her quilting choice on a top I recently finished for Etsy.
IMG_0934 by you.
I thought it looked unfinished and needed a border. ...
So I added a border, pressed it, and spent a wee bit of time marveling at my points & the pressing of said points.
Nicely spiraled centers make me very happy.
IMG_1018 by you.
I believe quilting should be fun and I usually take seam rippers away from people.
When I worked at a big Corp. they used to say " do the right things right". (Yes, I can still remember, the brainwashing was complete. ) Meaning that you'll spend less time and effort if you do it right both in "execution" and "skills" the first time. Without fussing over trying to fix it later.
I try to cut it right, sew it straight, press it nice, etc...because it goes together better at the block stage. But if it isn't "perfect" I keep moving, my seams are close, my points are good(not great) I did the right things right, I'm not ashamed. So... It's a minor miracle that the points came out so good on this block, and a wee bit thrilling.
IMG_1019 by you.
Here's the quilting my friend picked...... freehand feathers ...
IMG_1030 by you.

IMG_1029 by you.
See? I think with the borders it is "contained" and gives it some structure.
the back is black and white polka dots so I may bind in red or blue..
I want a strong color.
IMG_1037 by you.
That's what going on in the studio.

Sunday Stash

Tulips by you.
I know Right?? I love it. In the old downtown of my little town is an antique store. It's one step above a thrift store. It's mostly clothes and textiles... she has 2 racks of fabric hung in the back ...
I think this cost me 3 dollars. Its 36 inches wide and I have about 3 yards. Someday I might use some. Until then, every once in while I get it out and pet it. mmm Pretty.
I have been busy.. Right now I am working on stuff for a client. Then I have a couple jobs waiting and am making good use of my lists to the side of my blog ... those really help.

I quilted/finished a bunch of stuff for etsy. Uggh! My Etsy... man is it sad or what?
First last year I thought I would go into fabric and notions.... But, really I don't want to do that.. so I kinda let it sit. Then.... I got work doing samples, quilting, teaching. That's what I like to do, and want to spend my time working on. So... I'm planning a relaunch of my store and already added a quilting slot.

Things to see and do

over at "The Quilt Show" the have a great slide show of Mountain Mist Kit Quilts. Check it out.
Have you been to Craft Nectar yet? Weeks Ringle is at it again... she is my hero...
have a great weekend!
Quilter Rock!
P.S. Please feel free to comment, I am working on answering them all...

Finished In More Ways Than One!

The table is finished! Handles on, shelves in, fini!
Then, I finished my "spare change" quilt. I loaded extra backing on so ...
I then finished some more quilts....
IMG_0965 by you.
That's the side, I have book shelves for knic-knacs and books. I priced out "brand name"
quilt tables and decided that I wanted to build my own from Kitchen cabinets & countertop.
I'm pretty happy with the result for me, It was _way_ more cost effective. I have some drawers on one side and on the other upper shelves (cheaper) .. so I am thrilled.
Now I just have to clean up from all the mess. Note the tight crop on pics.

So here are closeups on "finished work" . The 4 piece orange circle is part of the backing of my spare change quilt
This is close-ups of a couple of gifties... to new parents .... knock wood.

See the power strip in the back there? My recycled Ikea plate rack from my first apartment for my rulers. Cup of cold brew tea... I have an office chair from Office Depot ... Its my sweet spot..
IMG_0948 by you.
Closer up on my sewing machine cutout.
IMG_0949 by you.

Ginny over at Ginnys Quilts meme ed me a 6th meme... .
I am to show you the 6th picture of the 6th folder and then Meme 6 more people.
Now, I hate this kind of stuff.... never ever do it... but I like Ginny and since she so sweet...
and I want to be as communal as I am able. I will post my pic. And if you want to post your 6th to 6 feel free. ...
Kimpossible5: Just because I half do this one meme .... do not tag me for recipes...
Don't even try it sister!

HPIM0794 by you.
This is a deer from "The Pines" on Fire Island. a little fawn. Aggressive, covered in ticks, ... what a cutie. This was across the walk from my FILs cottage. His partner was the original buyer.
At night as we fall asleep, we listen to the surf and the distant bump bump of the dance music...
good times.

Quilters Rock!!

Thursday postlet...

I'm going to Ikea again today.. and trying to get some more AB Charm fabric so I just want to say one thing. ...
Simply Robin!

Quilters Rock !

Sunday Stash on Tuesday!

Hey, really, it's Tuesday already? well, I'm doing Sunday Stash anyway. I don't care.
IMG_0960 by you.
Ta DA! Its Pin Dots from RJR Basics. I love its hand and its color. I love everything about it.
I am using it on binding a gifty quilt.

I am machine binding using the FunQuilts Method. I think it's working pretty good. See?
IMG_0954 by you.
So today I looked at my followers and I saw a little Icon of a MAN! like a male. You know, one those human types with an outie. Is he a quilter? No, he is a Trimet Bus Driver! The most brilliant Trimet bus Driver ever! ... I used to live at 16th and Prescott. Right across the street from the I do a Music Show on KBOO Lady(Alcohol is a poison, people... and btw, if your married to him and I see him hit you, I will call him a "wife beater"everytime I see him! really loud!). Right next door to the drug dealer on 16th and Going (SE corner -he is still there btw) who is approaching 40years old and still lives with his mother, when he isn't in jail. Its a much better neighborhood now that it's called the "Alberta Arts District" and not "Sabin".
I really liked my back fence neighbor who grew the medicinal herb and Zinnias.
I miss Portland very much and hope after retirement to move back .

My Points:
#1 I love RJR Pin Dots.
#2 His blog is like a snapshot of the beauty/sadness/life/weirdness that is Portland, Oregon.
So, go... read.... enjoy. Trimet Confidential