I got your WIP right here.

Machine Binding the Tutorial by you.

I wrote the machine binding tutorial over at Flickr.com - it's here. The tut is its own set with notes and explanations. I thought it would work better on Flickr.com. check my "collections" to see all my tutorials.
I kinda taking the week off. I took Mom to the mall yesterday. Back in the day, my Mom would take me bra shopping and offer her advise on fit , etc. Yesterday I helped her, it both kinda sad to realize she needed the help and a real privilege to be able to be of service.
I think I want these little tags... so cute!
Did you know Denyse Schmidt is coming to PNCA ?
Does she have new fabric coming out yet?
She is doing a 2 day class on her Improv Piecing technique and I got a mail telling me no syllabus was available. ... did I get in? I hope so ... more on that later. fingers crossed.
Quilters Rock!


Hi! I know a lot of folks are visiting because I got mentioned over at Selvage Blog. Not only do I save selvages but I also save square up trimmings. I have rolling them into this ball. It's close to 3 inches now.
IMG_1331 by you.
It's a wip right??
IMG_1333 by you.
Here are my daily 9patches for this week and my "paid" project is ready to go back. We are on day 18 on the daily9patches and I have 25. I a smidge ahead.
I return the project tomorrow, it's finished...finally. I'm going to rest now... working on my tutorial for machine binding.. and my write up on my Road Trip.
Next up?
IMG_1334 by you.
My charity quilting for the guild. I mean the quilt top is kinda 80's calico but that is the challenge for me. How do I make it current? It's due on Monday - bound, so I better get it together. I'll snap something when I decide...
I think it will go to Washington County Hospice when it's done.
Then finish my Mothers Day Quilt. (next week pics?)
Then another Paid Job which I would like to practice for because I am thinking of doing just circles with patterns.
So the other big WIP is my computer skills. As some of you might know my step son is at "Art School in Chicago" working on his masters in Fine Art. He scored me a copy of Creative Suite 4- so I'm gonna learn that over the next few months. I want to write up some of my pattern ideas. ..
photoshop my photos...etc etc
When ever I mention my stepson I want to make sure I mention he is single and I am looking for a nice Jewish girl for him. If your in Chicago swing by ARTIC check him out. Let me know and I will tell you how to check him out in person. I think that makes him one of WIPs right? He would totally kill me.
that's what going on here ...
Quilters Rock!

Sunday Stash on Monday! Plus 9 Patch

Here is my Sunday Stash.
Wow Right? I love this fabric... I have no idea what it is or how old it is but I love it!
I call it Funky May Flowers
IMG_1318 by you.
I am loving the Daily Nine Patch. I joined last week so I was a week behind.
I did 16 this week so I think I am caught up. It's easy, fun, and I hope I don't get too behind...
after I get done with my project I am taking a couple of days off - no sewing or quilting. Then after that, I am going to do some quilting. I will have to sit down and make my 9patches during this break ...but it should be fun.
IMG_1326 by you.
Willy Nilly is also doing some blocks with Charm fabric.. One of the many blogs I visited(I can't remember which one- i suck) did some rules for her blocks and I have noticed others have "rules" that they are working by also. So here's mine:
1. Modern Fabric in the 5 location
2.30's repo or vintage, maybe some solid, in the 4 location
3. Lighter spring tones to prevail (that brown and blue on the right are both going out or to a different project)
4. I think I will use gray background.
5. I think I am going to limit my use of red, even tho I love it. I may use it as cornerstones or something when I put it together.

Some of the blocks I made don't conform but that is how I want to focus this project in the future.. we'll see how it goes...
These are my favorites:
IMG_1328 by you.
So far...
Stay tuned I have a binding tutorial coming. ... I've got the pics done but it's quick posts until I turn my project in...

Quilter's Rock!

WIP WEDNESDAY #5 - the highlights

WIP Wednesday by you.
I joined crazy moms daily 9 patch but I am about a week behind. I think I will be adding my blocks on WIP Wednesday to her pool and my blog. Ta Da...
I am using scraps out of my scrap drawer. After I cut out my 5/4 squares I put them in another drawer ready to go. That way I can just pick a combination, sew it up and be done for the day.
Every few days I can cut some more sets of either 5 or 4 pieces. I hope it will help me stay more on track.
WIP Wednesday by you.
Here is a little ball I am making. Right now it's 2 inches I started with just a wee bit of fabric rolled up. What happens is this; I am always cutting a thin little strip to square up my yardage when I make a cut. Now I am saving them and wrapping them into a ball. When I worked in a cube I had a 4 inch ball of rubber bands. I think I might mod podge them to seal them. I think they might be great home dec items, Christmas ornaments or something. I have plenty of time to decide if I will do anything at all.
WIP Wednesday by you.
My paid project that I am testing and making is going well. I have all my blocks made and am putting the rows together.
WIP Wednesday by you.
My flame project, stills need binding and is due tomorrow, so I have to stop working and finish it. I am machine binding it so it should take maybe 2 hours. Maybe. If I goof off.

Quilting Tuesday

Flame quilting by you.
This is a quilt that was made by a group of women that go on a spiritual retreat called: Rising from the Flames. They put together a quilt and asked for flames because they had seen them on another quilt of mine. I quilted in a swoop around their logo so after the quilt was washed it would pop. After this is washed I don't know how it's gonna crinkle...
This is a simple Edge-to Edge design but flames would great around a name or a name on a heart. Practice on paper first then try it yourself.
Let me know how you do.
Here's the latest to go to my store.
IMG_1271 by you.
A little modern and springy I hope.
IMG_1272 by you.
Things are crazy here but I am saving that for WIP Wednesday.
Quilters Rock!

Stash of Selvage on Sunday- does that count?

selvage love by you.
Karen over at The Selvage Blog is showing off peoples stashes of selvage. Here's mine - its not much, but it's all I've got. I threw in a bit of my machine for perspective. Its crammed pretty tight in that bag and I keep adding to it.
bag of selvage by you.
Things are pretty crazy here. I am working on my Mothers Day Quilt for Mom. Then I got a couple quilting jobs. Then on Friday I got another job, paid, making a top for a fabric company.
The company needs it back "fast" so when they call I stop everything and do their work first. They always need it fast, that's just how it works right?
They are lovely people and I am grateful for the work, I feel very professional filling out reports and getting paid to sew. It's a dream come true. I had to audition and everything. I wore spanx.
The thing is... this time... everybody is in hurry or has a time line. So I am scurrying around like a crazy person. seriously insane.
Quilters Rock!