I know talented people...really I Do!

Pick & Choose Quilt Front
I took the Denyse Schmidt Workshop in July and one of the ladies in the class finished this quilt with the blocks she made in class.. .. Its so awesome! (photo courtesy of Amy)
This is the best pic I have of her blocks .. in progress ... they are in the upper right of the pic ... neither of those ladies is Amy.
nancy and her blocks by you.

My other friend Anne Marie.. from guild is a big winner at the state fair! She won 2nd with this great salvege! She is a genius! very impressive!
photo courtesy of Anne Marie...
Check out their blogs, they are both awesome talented quilters!

In other news, August is ending and we decided to keep some munki munki, other rarities in the shop but we are not planning on being a fabric shop. Watch for wildly lowering prices in the next couple of weeks(it may be a month but the plan will be revealed sooner) as we reduce inventory... Don't expect gold tiles or blue dotted leaves to go on sale but I will be moving out the pink barbells, posies and most others ...
check back here to see the plan here first... I promise it will be here first...
Quilters Rock!

Busy Busy...

There is a lot going on over here... Guests, family and sharing a computer have all made me a little less inclined to post or flickr. Tonight I answered mail on an account other than my own...
Been real busy with the munki munki trading, swapping and selling.
I am starting to think about Xmas and am collecting fabrics for my step sons quilt. He is getting his Masters over at the Art institute In Chicago so it has to be great.
This is the style block I am thinking I will make him. I developed it in the Denyse Schmidt Workshop I took.
IMG_1730 by you.
I started trying to get some Heather Ross prints to go with my Flea market fancy prints and also looking for the right solids. then I discovered Munki Munki by Heather Ross and well thats it really ... Im hooked!
IMG_1731 by you.
I have been going thrift store shopping to find fabric too.. pillow cases, shirts, skirts .. whatever is right.
IMG_1744 by you.
I think both of these are going to look great in his quilt. That green goes with the Tennis Munki Munki. His blocks will be lighter and fresher in tone.
Unrelated to his quilt, I found this awesome Ben Sherman shirt in red aqua and pink in an awesoome mid-century print. Its awesome!
IMG_1740 by you.
I sent out a swap recently....
IMG_1748 by you.
Isn't that the cutest?

Quilters Rock

Local artist inspires ME

I just discovered this great graphic painter. So inspiring for quilts, I think.
I love what this guy is doing, how it's modern and retro at the same time.
From one cherrio eating, Jetson watching kid to another; here's to you George. Way to rock my eyeballs!
Portland Oregon is a great place for artists. I love living here.
I moved from Southern California about 15 years ago and although I had a great life in California there is something here, I think it might be the winter, that gives a person a chance to develop. Maybe it's the western hardscrable pioneer spirit, I don't know.

Munki munki field trip

Munki munki field trip
Originally uploaded by daveandsusi
did you see this over at Flickr?
*adding it to my list...
so cute.

Another give away! this time munkimunki

Swap by you.
leave a comment, make sure I can reach you and you too could be a winner!
What do you win? munki munki Farmers Market PJ top size small. If I get more than 50 comments I will add another winner(they get the pants or vis versa). So your chances are 1: 50 at the most! After the 100 folks enter then I will add a leg, then another and... I can not imagine a universe where thats gonna happen... but if I get over 100 comments I'll add that 3rd prize. (half of the first 2 prizes)

open to all! no strings! I mean a comment isn't a string, is it? Oh wait! I'm supposed to tell you that if you link to me or promote the giveaway you can enter again. so okay strings ... earn another chance if you link, and make another comment telling me how.
Don't forget; if I can't reach you - your out!
While I have you here...please have a look at Iraqi Bundles of Love.... and see if you can lend a hand. you have until the 7th... and if you send something feel free to enter again!

oh yeah, when is it over? ... lets say next Tuesday august 25th Noonish!

More Munki Munki - Farmers Market!

Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
This time it's Farmers Market.
I cannot stand how cute these are!

Munki Munki Martians

Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
woo hoo!
Some for swap
some for sale

Shut the front door !!
I'm ES-sited!!

Circle of Geese :: July's Block

Ladies have you been over to the sometimes crafter blog? Run do not walk over there to check out this circle of geese!
How cute would pillows be made in this pattern? With my FIL ties as the geese?
I am this close to shoving that sometimes crafter down the stairs ala Showgirls... Another brilliant block like this and I am seriously scratching her off my Xmas list!
I don't care if she is right across the bridge in Vancouver and almost a neighbor! I am this close to not answering her emails anymore!
What a genius!

vintage quilt top comparison

I love this quilt and based my spare change on this Pontiac Star Block.
Want to see my take?
look HERE!

Round about quilt pickings

Im starting a quilt for my step daughter who I have never lived with and don't know very well. Really it's part of my present for my DH, doing something nice for his daughter. I'm mixing it up. she lives in AZ so I think it should be tropical colors.
Anything that shouldn't be there? Anything I need more of? let me know.

Happy Birthday! It was!

IMG_1668 by you.
So last Thursday was my birthday! Hmrph! I have been buzy with the store and all so it was low key. That is a photo of 30th Anniversary Cheesecake from the Cheescake Factory. They sell whole cakes in a variety of sizes. A whole cake bought frozen can be cut up and put in the freezer for about 3$ a slice. Rather than 7.5$ a slice in the resturant. We got 8 monster slices but I think next time we will get 16 small slices.
My birthday present was going to The Denyse Schmidt Workshop so I am thrilled, even though around here it was quiet on the day. DH is working on an interesting (to him) engineering dilemma. To him its always "solve the problem, save the world" . Times like these he is pretty lost to me.
Friday night I went out to eat with my girl friends and laughed. It's always good with them. We got to taking pictures of our arms bent (looks like ass) to send to our husbands. So stupid and fun.
IMG_1667 by you.
Saurday night we went to the Garlic Festival in North Plains and did door watch at the Beer Garden. My quilt guild earns a million dollars(ok maybe less) a year doing this, so I did my shift.

IMG_1669 by you.
This was ones families collection of cups. We watched them drink and build this monster over several hours. Thanks for coming to the Garlic Festival have a safe drive home! The police came and checked they had a driver before they left.
Did you see the In Plain Sight season finalle? Mary can't die! She is the show! cheap trick.
Quilters Rock!

Sunday Stash lets call it #4

FMF by you.
Woo hoo! Flea Market Fancy. My girlfriend Faith and I are selling this out of my Etsy shop but not before we each took a healthy whack for ourselves!
I started with the green seeds and the green dots, then Faith added some, then we hit a store.
Finally we hit another store and that's it! The prices are pretty steep for the US but are pretty reasonable for Europe.

I'm looking for green gnomes! any swapper s out there?
also green dotted leaves(FQonly)
pool scene maybe ( I just need a bit)
boys bikes which is munki munki I just need a few for my step sons quilt.

Quilters rock!

Etsy update

cutting cutting cutting up the sheets and listting listing listing
not to mention the looking.. oh yeah
Yesterday I only sewed about an hour and I have like a million sewing type things to do ...
how'm I gonna fit in quilting?

Ive been busy sewing samples of linen quilts based on this one. I love it so much imagine it in vintage sheets....
bye for now...
Quilters Rock