Finally I am Done..

I finally finished my 2 quilts I am making for Xmas. This is for my step son, and my favorite quilt of the pair. I'm pretty pleased with it and hope he likes it.

This is for my step daughter who lives in AZ and I hope she likes it. I don't know her very well, and my husband picked out some fabrics and I picked out some more and there you go. I made this for the Round About Quilt Along which I loved participating in and it is open ended, so if you want to make one - check it out. I used the Eliza Back Porch template set which I love! Lots of bang for the buck on this.
My husband quilted on both of these.. and helped with ironing and binding (I mean, if you blinked you missed it- but he helped:})
Now I am making little blocks with scraps and amusing myself. I should be binding for Give a kid a Quilt but I cannot seem to move.. I have worked about 12 hours a day for the last 4 days.
I'm bushed!
I'll be back here in the New Year!
Check out how the Charity work is going over at Give a Kid a Quilt, I'll still be blogging over there.
Check my flickr to see pics of the quilting and details of the work.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Quilters Rock!

a quick update

It hasn't been above freezing for a couple days and I can tell you I'm getting plenty sick of it.

the fountan or water feature is almost completely frozen.

This is my fast baby quilt pattern I am making a bunch of for the Give a Kid a Quilt program.
Its super fast and the perfect size for a baby. I can use up a bunch of FQs and they are super fast.
Im kind of excited.. I've made 3 so far.

I haven't gotten hardly anywhere on my Xmas quilt for my step son... so I am working on that tonight. Hopefully it will come together soon.

Quilters Rock!

Shameless Etsy Plug!

Over in the store Munki munki PJ parts are on sale ... Just in time for Xmas. They are on sale about 30% cheaper than normal.

Where Im At

Im loving this block today. I'm in the middle of trying to get my top finished for my stepson. He is 29 and is working on his Masters at Chicago Art Institute. This block reminds me of Andy Warhol's Flowers HERE. Get it? My SS is an artist too... since I have no idea if he will even come close to understanding the work and effort of making a quilt, I decided to make it easy and use what I like. His father and I picked the fabrics and tone. In fact, my DH has really been involved giving opinions, and helping me edit fabrics. That part of it has been really fun. I plan to have him help me quilt as well. Really, Im gonna let him quilt only a little bit, but something so he can tell the kids he helped. Maybe I will let him write a message in the quilting. He is so excited and happy.
It still has taken longer than I wanted.
Doesn't it always?
We have had a couple of serious problems one of which is the following:
I originally thought I would use this pale blue as the background, looks grey here and it washed out all the colors except orange and green. I so wanted to use it, I had saved it in a bag just for this project. To be truthful most of the stuff I set aside for this project was abandoned.

Instead of this ugly grey/blue we decided on this pale yellow.
It sets off the blues and greys and I think will work great. I thought about using white but I didn't have enough and we are using what we have, kind of a stash busting exercise.

Right now the plan is to bind with the wood grain but only time will tell.
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Happy Thankgiving to You!

I made this few years ago. Its been in the car, over at my Moms, kinda out of sight but not out of use. It has been used enough now to be "worn in". Its floppy and cuddly and the perfect TV friend. When I first made it ( here ) over 2 years ago I hated it and called it Cat Vomit. Now I love its friendliness and color and of course its softness.

This week I finished this experiment:

Im not sure how well it turned out. It was an idea... and the craftsmanship is there... by that, I mean it is usable. I will returning to this theme over the next year. Bubbles and Lines. . . we'll see what comes of it.. This one is going to Give a Kid a Quilt. If Your interested the button is on my side bar over there.

The most valuable thing I get from my husband is time. When we can spend more than the usual few hours together I am thrilled. I certainly don't want to be stuck in the kitchen, while he wanders off to go piddle around in the garage till dinner is ready. Since The Kids are gone and out of state we can't really justify the "big meal" . For the last several years we have gone Downtown Portland to a nice hotel for a sit down meal on Thanksgiving.
Next month DH will go to his Dads for a week and spend time with his kids. So, this time is mine and I want every second. We won't shop on Friday or go out much... Just piddle around the house the whole weekend doing little projects like rearrange the bedroom and hang some pictures.. May sound less than spectacular to you, but I am really looking forward to it.

I will be happy to revive Thanksgiving when we have grandkids. Sometimes I miss my traditions, mostly though, I miss my grandparents. My grandmother was a working artist, she went to Art School in the 20s and worked as a draftsman (like CAD but with a pencil) during the 40s. She created a Thanksgiving so full of tradition and life it's been really hard for me to continue the holiday without her.
I'm thankful I grew up knowing her.

I hope ya'll have a great Thankgiving!

Banner Quilt

Banner Quilt
Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
This weeks stack of is done. I have 5. These are all going to Give a Kid a Quilt. See the banner over there? Send a small top or finished quilt and help a kid out. The focus on this quilt drive is kids under five living at or below poverty. Have a look see and maybe help a kid out.
Remember a couple years ago when everyone was making those banners? I mean they were everywhere... I designed this quilt then ... it was an experimental top I never finished till recently. I am happy to know its going to a good home. Someone will love it.
I've been kinda working like mad on my stepsons quilt. I am trying to make quilts for my husband and his 2 kids for Xmas. I have 2 tops done and the third has been a super pain. I thought I had an idea... a brilliant plan. I made some Improv blocks and Whoa, Nelly did they suck! They would have been great itty bitty art bits! Mostly, they just plain sucked.
Plan abandoned.
So for weeks I sat looking at my "ideas board", the edge section of my design board where I put up ideas, trying to work out what to make him that fit his personality. I'll show you later as they get closer to finished. Or maybe it will be a surprise after Xmas. .. who knows.

Give a Kid a Quilt is steadily growing and adding followers.

Quilters Rock!

How Long Has it Been??

Well, I've been busy and time as usual has gotten away from me.. I reopened the shop. I had to I ran out of money on paypal. Sheesh- how'd that happen?
I added Lush wood grain and multi - paint dot to the store. Stay tuned here on the blog as specials will be listed here first. IM going to have some FMF fat eighth bundles for Xmas and such like that there.
Mostly I have been working on staying healthy. Kinda feel like I lost a few weeks sleeping.. Was it the weather? Did I have the flu?
I've working on launching a quilt drive for the local babies and children living at or below the poverty line.

this is my quilting.. this picture looks terrible but really wait till its done...

who got some mutts on kiwi?? I did! Soon to be quilted . A nice modern quilt for a healthy baby. Lets keep those babies warm thru winter..

Woo hoozle! Someone donated a quilt top to me today! Live and in person. It was so thrilling.
Im doing a quilt and quilt top drive over Here. Each quilt will get finished and numbered, then delivered to a wonderful place called Community Action who will distribute them to agencies that will make sure poor babies and toddlers are warm.

Christina over at The Sometimes Crafter made me great buttons and is joining as she is able to post to the site and maybe quilt something. Thanks Christina! You know, Im sure you have heard but she is doing quilting now. Her rates are very reasonable and I know she does a good job. Check her out!

Seriously this button is awesome and she did the header and blog button too. Find out more about it, participate, and see all the doings over HERE.

Thanks Veterans! I am grateful for your service.
Quilters Rock!

I Love My Vagina

Well, Im feeling better! last night I went out with girl friends. It was an all yoni evening!
First we went to Lush, then to Lloyd Center so my Popcorn loving friend could get cheddar corn.. She has 3 young kids so any minute she can grab for herself is a godsend. Then dinner..
today I am quilting...
photos to follow..

Man I have been busy!

Originally uploaded by 2ndAveStudio
Busy blowing my nose!
I have been ill with the flu. I stayed out of my studio of about 5 days and focused on not being a H1N1 victim. Then I was so tired, just exhausted.
Couple days ago I got up at 2pm and then took a nap at 7:30pm - seriously sleepy. No, I am not pregnant.. .. :)

Feeling much better now, I am getting back to work. I made these little blocks as a sort of distraction. I can't wait to sew them up into a couple of tops.

Did you miss me?

This is my backyard. The Tree is a potted tree my husband got me years ago..for a fiver. We love it's color. It's right outside our sliders so we can see it.

Oh Gnome you didn't! and Sunday Stash

IMG_0528 by you.
Our Neighbors Boo-ed us with Kettle Corn.. Brand new to the neighborhood she is a good mom. Last night she played board games all night with her kids.
I Boo-ed someone else by sending an extra in the swap ... was it you?
Sunday Stash by you.
Sunday Stash - is my newly acquired Love dots... so cute!
Oh gnome you didn't! by you.
I was out with my Mom running errands on Friday and spotted this Gnome selling coffee.

Sunday Stash

Posted this from my new phone! I dropped my phone and it died. 2 years a go thats what happened to my last phone. I guess I only get so many "whoops" with my cell phones before they die.

I visited Fibers in Motion last week and scored me some owls I love! Those deer are cute too..
that other large print is Mocha it's going for trade or sale in my store at some point..

Quilters Rock!

IMG_1911 by you.
Mashed Bananas. yum! Traders Joes Instant Pudding. Yum.
Oatmeal. Yum! Thai food all mashed up ... seriously yummy!
The food is good but I really miss chewing. Feeling the food break up, tasting. .. I miss it.

Thanks everybody for your nice words and well wishes. Things went well and I only barfed once.
I'm only napping twice a day... and I doing pretty good on pain management.
I got a great plastic appliance to wear and help with the healing and prevent my teeth from wandering. I'm almost ready to get back to work again. :)
Still not talking that much but over all I'm doing pretty well...


fall project WIP by you.
Its really been awhile since I did a WIP WED post. I saw Faiths great Fall quilt top and was so inspired! Really pretty and beautiful. I am going to have some dental work done tomorrow and have been having quite a bit of anxiety brewing up and needed to keep my mind occupied. I am the kind of patient that needs lots of drugs to get and stay in the chair. Seriously bad patient. To distract myself I decided to work on a tut I have been working on in my head. It's up there swimming around and I need to get it out but I also need a sample.
First step:
I started pulling fabric like a crazy woman.
IMG_1892 by you.
These are my final choices.
Step Two:
I cut 3" strips of the colors or coins and 2.5 inch strips of the background.
when I did the math I figured out I needed twice as much background as colors.
I used 20" of color and 40" background for each block.
IMG_1893 by you.
I'm going to put a tutorial on Flickr of the steps needed to make the blocks and put together. But it's not finished yet.. so a couple more days...
see you next week!

Fall Top

Fall Top
Originally uploaded by Fresh Lemons : Faith
So inspiring by a lady named Faith in Chicago!
check out her blog over here.
Im full of nervous energy about tomorrow so this inspired me to work on a quick little something. Stay tuned.

Thanks Polly and Lauri!

Bay Harbor by you.
A couple of weeks ago I won this sweet Charm pack and some scraps from Minick and Simpson. Now I LOVE these fabrics but kind of feel like I have enough on my plate right now and thought that the truly traditional quilters at my guild would swoon. Every month we have a mini raffle for a couple of 10$ ish items and try and raise some coin for the guild. I gave my charm pack to the guild to raffle and we doubled our normal takings! The ladies actually "ohhh"ed when the raffle leader said "this is not due out till Febuary". I am so thankful to M&S for the charm pack!
Thanks Ladies!
IMG_1890 by you.
In other news, Im having a dental extraction in a couple of days and expect to be out of commission for a couple of days. I am getting my swap blocks finished and sent. That little martian is supposed to be a trick or treater. Thats my September block which is Halloween themed. I own zero Halloween fabrics so it was a struggle. I hope she likes it.
IMG_1891 by you.
This is my October block which is already done and ready to be sent. Her theme is "Fall" and I think she is doing a D9P.
Quilters Rock!

Before and After

IMG_1839 by you.
While I have been sick my husband has recovered my design wall with plain white. I got diaper flannel at 27" wide which fit perfect over my 2 foot wide panels. I think it makes a huge difference visually. I don't know how folks work without a design wall. If you don't have room for a permanent one, try a temporary one:
sew dowel pockets on both edges of flannel.
Stick dowels thru
tie string to the 2 ends of top dowel and hang.
roll up to store when not in use.
IMG_1847 by you.
being able to stand back and see your work will change your life! I swear!
Quilters Rock!

Horn Tooting!

Butterscotch Bali Pop by you.
Capitol Quilts is teaching a class today based on this design today! So, if your in the DC area ... .

see a similar one here.

the tutorial is here and here.

Maybe Next Week

photo.jpg by you.
Abscessed, in pain, on drugs... out of it... talk to you later next week...

A Day Off

IMG_1834 by you.
Some one wrote me that they didn't have hardly any Flea Market Fancy except dotted leaves. I thought what? thats not right! So we're swapping .. here is my swap . great right?
I put it on my new grey. Grey Stone by RJR. Now I love kona like everybody else its awesome. but ash is well, a little ashy. (if you watch Flipping Out you'll think thats funny) I think it has yellow in it, ewww. So I have been on the hunt for a great grey that is light and bright and not Kona Ash. light grey is not easy to find. I am hoping Kona upgrades its selection of greys in the next couple years. Do you use grey? which one do you use? let me know ...

Today I am dilly dallying around and taking some time to play in the studio. Monday is traditionally my day off, and I would love to get back on schedule. I closed the store and am back focused on making something.
WIP by you.
The 2 longest blocks are blocks I made in the Summer of Making workshop with Denyse Schmidt. As much as I love the DS style I really don't want to be making/doing copies of her style. I wanted to get from the class a plan for developing my own blocks or working style. The oppurtunity to be around other artists, work, get feedback, and develop a "veiw".
Im using Munki, Liberty, Konas, shot cottons, and of course DS FMF.. Willy- Nilly sent me some charms to go in this quilt top I am developing for my step son. He is working on his masters in fine art (painting) at the Art Institute in Chicago.
blankies by you.
Im going to be teaching a new project and need some samples. It takes 2 FQ and two 2.5" strips and either another FQ or batting for the sandwich center. That's what I did in the center there.
Flannel on the back and batting in the center.
Sandwich it together and quilt as desired. In my case I wanted to play and practice with machine quilting on a stationary machine. The ladies I will be teaching will be dropping their feed dogs and free quilting. It takes about 15 minutes to quilt a FQ and 20 minutes to bind. I think they could do something a bit larger maybe with half yards...
I need to crank out a few more samples.
The two on the side are quilts that I was just playing when I made or quilted. That ZigZag was a quilting experiement that for me didn't work but is still a good quilt that could be used. The one on the right was left over blocks...
I think I found them good homes... more on that later.
Quilter Rock!

Blonde Fundus! How would you know?

Left-09 by you.
I have really blonde fundus... The doctor said it was the lightest he has ever seen.
He was really excited!
Blonde fundus is describing the amount of pigment in the fundus. It is sort of common in caucasions. It is of no real concern.
This means I probably need to take good care of my eyes by wearing sun glasses, since I lack pigmentation in the fundus . The fundus of the eye is the interior surface of the eye, opposite the lens, and includes the retina, optic disc, macula and fovea, and posterior pole.
Right-09 by you.
Babies I think, are born with no pigment and then the fundus fills in. Mine never did. I am extremely sensitive to light and get headaches... the Doctor said it was interesting and healthy. I bought some sunglasses and took some Ib after being blasted with the lights. Im good.
Aren't these pictures neat? That's my eyeball!
Weird right?

Another One?

IMG_1814 by you.
This time in brights. I made this from the scraps of vintage sheets. I think it is much different in feeling than yesterdays. The pastel version is really pretty in person and I think photos don't capture that delicacy. This one is bright and saucy and one could say it lacks subtlety. Either way I am kinda in love...
IMG_1815 by you.
Here is the binding which is a Micheal Miller print. On the Pastel Version I used a vintage sheet. It worked fine but for this brights version I didn't want a solid binding and the vintage sheets are far too valuable to use as binding. I think its a good fit.
IMG_1817 by you.
Look how nicely it plays with the other prints? Funny, how something unimportant makes me so happy.
IMG_1820 by you.
Here is a shot of the back, I used the same back as the pastel quilt. My girlfriend hated the back and didn't want to use the sheet in our bundles, but I loved it and wanted to use it somehow.
In other news.... My husband passed his Kidney Stone with no more pain. Hooray!
I need new glasses like nobodies business and just endured the worst customer service from Costco in recorded history. Apparently, being a unholy bitch is a prerequisite at the Hillsboro Costco Optical Department. My bad luck that they sell contacts cheaper than everybody else.
Somebody asked me what constituted a "Loser" in my fabric stash. I think this is personal to each stash ... for me it is Marbles instead of Konas... Burgundy anything... thimbleberries ...
traditional small geos overprinted with black and brown ... the list goes on...
Stuff that eyes tell me is "not working".
IMG_1813 by you.
I love these uneven dots from Paula Prass, the orange stripe, dots and print from Heather Ross.
That strong aqua and pink print from Micheal Miller these work for me in a way that's good graphically in photos and also in person. Close up and far away.. Hopefully my work will start looking like what's in my head. who knows.
Quilters Rock!

Something Bound, Something Bound to be Beautiful, and Something Bound for Someone Else

IMG_1794 by you.
I finished my pastel upcycled bed linen quilt. Its quilted, bound and finally finished. Dreamy, modern, pastel and its so soft. Really soft! Like Heather Ross poplin might feel after 20 years!
IMG_1796 by you.
I quilted a wreathy like flowery thing with a flamey type fill. I wanted to practice my flames. I think it will crinkle up nicely. This is unwashed. All of the linen were washed by me before I (let them in my house) started. It should only soften a bit but not shink too badly.
IMG_1798 by you.
This huge tulip print from the 80's is the backing. omg, that's totally awesome.

The Etsy store is still open but has moved way off the front burner. I have no intension of being a fabric store. Thanks for shopping with me if you did. I still have quite a selection of Flea Market Fancy and will be having sales to move them out. I will announce here first.
Since I went to the Denyse Schmidt Workshop at PNCA I have had to face the fact that I have purchased some losers in the fabric department. I am moving in a new direction, a new style and need the tools to do that. Buying or refocusing my stash to that end has been helpful. I sent 3 boxes to IBOL on the 16 of August full of stuff I needed to let go. Rather than have a destash sale is was great to be able to give it to some ladies that I'm sure could really use it.
Im going to be starting a new program of recieving blankets soon so stay tuned for that. I've got a plan.
The money I earn helps me to quilt for charity and do vollunteering, so I am really grateful to those who shopped with me. Thank You.
IMG_1805 by you.
Those Wonky Stars are each actually a stack of wonky stars. August was my month in Stash Busting Bee International, I requested Wonky Stars and when they started to roll in I put some in a pile and the rest I left in each envelope till now. When I get done with my chores and have time to play with these... Im gonna make something great! For me! Thanks ladies!
The other quilt up there is my DQS7 for my partner. Im sending it today. I hope she likes it.
Below that you can my Pressing Station. The Iron is a Shark Pro something.. . if it was a woman it would be a dominatrix. Fabrics just beg to be pressed into submission.
My shapely water bottle filled with distilled. Behind that is my new binding maker. Which I love beyond normal boundaries. Another item you don't see is my bottle of Best Press. They should pay me, I am a convert.
Quilters Rock!