Quilt for Quake Survivors

Monday and Wednesday I went to Sew On and sewed. Cherri

has lovely studio in St.John's, which had the best bridge in Portland.

I have a "parts department" which is left over blocks from projects I couldn't bear to throw away, little experiments and random bits. I took my pile over to Cherri's and we got our Sew On! In 2 sewing session, we cranked out 4 tops, made backing decisions and had a fantastic lunch at the local taco counter at the nearby grocery.

We tried to keep to the Log Cabin theme of the project using liberated log cabin blocks, except for one of tops(more on that later). Now they just need quilting and binding, then we will give them to Quilts for Quake Survivors.

-Quilters Rock!

New Tools

Well, I'm trying my new iPad2 and trying to get blogpress to work. Linked my Flickr? Check.

Here's a pic from my Xmas project for guild that I'm using as wallpaper on my iPad.
*edit* Caroline shared a great app in comments and I thought "wow! Thanks"
Please please if you have an iPad share with me your favorite apps- I'm dying to know!

I'm finally back sewing a bit, so stay tuned!
Quilters Rock!

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Happy Day

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I've really been struggling with how to make labels for myself that I liked...
I got the idea from a a label I picked up at the goodwill bins and from the label I took out of my step sons pants. ( Rocco Jeans from Express)
I asked a friend Jill to help me make something up for Spoonflower But it was too smooth and didn't have the right industrial feel but Jill of Tabslot and Made on Main Street was really helpful in helping me clarify my ideas. Then I picked Cherri's head for a while. Then finally I went over to Atlas Stamps on 28th and Broadway and picked his brain and played with his samples.

This label is for a quilt I made last year that started my quest for how to name and label my quilts. Seemed fitting that it should be the first to be labeled. The quilt will be named "#017"

Stamped onto Linen with a white kona second layer so the backing doesn't show.

I realized the quilt didn't have a lady bug on it anywhere.. so I just added a band around the binding.