So sweet!

Quilt by cupcakes photos
Quilt, a photo by cupcakes photos on Flickr.

Cupcake Photos took pics of my quilt hanging at MD that show off the quilting really well.
Finally a non blurry photo!
Super flattering that someone felt the love enough to post pics....

Busy Oregon Beaver

I've been busy keeping Mom cool and fed. There has been quite a bit of Chicken Salad in my life this past month. It seems to be the Summer of Chicken Salad.
Seems like everyone is busy living a non digital summer and I'm no exception.
I went to Sisters Quilt Show and to Bend. Spent 4 days with 5 other ladies/2 watermelons/4 bikes/1 tepid tub and had a blast.
Got a new phone just like the old phone that I'm having a tough time getting settled into...
We went to see the President and shook his hand.
Met with Jill, Cherri, and Kaci for  cocktails and dinner and then to Denyse Schmidt 's Book Signing where I got my book signed and met nice ladies.
Took the class with Denyse Schmidt  and got to spend the weekend with lots of super talented ladies.
Taught a couple of really great classes, quilted some quilts and made a mess of the Studio. :)
This week I teach some more, and get ready for a trip to Seattle with the PMQG. We'll meet up with ladies in Seattle and Vancouver. 
Well, that's it, in a nut shell. You're all caught up! :D 
Maybe in a couple weeks I'll be less busy. With the Olympics over, I might actually be able to get some sewing done. .. .

Quilters Rock!