The Show is a Go!

Okay I'll admit it! I love, love, LOVE my new labels. I love making them. showing them off. sewing them on... everything! I manage it one handed. The other hand being so busy patting me on the back.:) I don't often hand sew the binding down( I BELIEVE in machine binding!) but when I do I have to admit... I do a pretty good job. I just love this project. Its friendly, it's pretty, its very sweet, and like the label says: Made in Oregon

Portland Modern Quilt Guild has been generously been given space at PNCA to show some quilts at First Thursday this month. I submitted a quilt that didn't have a label, it got accepted and need to be at the school for hanging. I just recently purchased ink in blue and orange, and I used it for the label for this quilt.

I made this last year and using my favorite vintage sheet as inspiration and background. For the quilting, I was inspired by this. The extra blocks from this project are going to the Quilts for Quake Survivors quilt project to raise money for Japan.

-Quilters Rock