An End and a New Beginning...

 This is where I'm going now. I'm off and running. I've started a new project I think I'm on the right track. I'm going to make rows and then applique them. I'm using RK Kona Olive as the background. 
I think this is working and I have a plan for construction and finishing, which I didn't have for the next project update.
 Remember this project? The CinemaScope blocks?? Sure, a good idea, but I lost all interest in it, and piecing the blocks to a top was a nightmare and I threw it away...  tossed in the trash.. 
lately I've been trying not to lose momentum. I'll save the idea and maybe revisit it but "Bye- Bye" for now...

I also finished a Low Volume project but I'm still attaching the binding  and I only want to post a finish when its finished...
 I feel really happy lately. Im feeling pretty good. I'm making good work. I think it's because my family and I figured out a good way to schedule my time. Time management, baby! 
Quilters Rock! 

Star ApPEEL - A Finish for Friday

I loved everything about making this. I loved the process. I loved what I learned, and I think most of all,  I loved how it turned out.  Tonight I went to Guild Meeting and shared it in show and tell. I loved that as well. People really seem to "get" how happy I am about it.  Im a little giddy. .")
I started this quilt months ago.. it was an experiment.  I took the yellow/light orange folded it in forths and used the outside curve of a template set to make the centers then I used the curve template complete the block ... kinda backwards and improvy... it was fun .     After I made the top I waited for quilting inspiration to hit.. how would I quilt it? I just wanted the nice laundered crinkles of the linen but the stars I wanted to have a texture. I tried a freehand "L" pattern in the linen. It's new for me (more experiments, get it?) but I'd like to master it, its so fun, fast and easy.
This quilt is a bit of a departure for me. do you know what it is? Notice the lack of print.. 
Because it was an experiment, I used materials I either had a lot of... that linen blend, or, stuff I wasn't crazy about ( the yellow) . I really like the composition, it was inspired by a game show skit on SNL (Password)
this photo has my cat in it - 16+ years old, she's awesome. say Hi Muir. I asked her what her name was when she was a baby and she said "muir" cat tangent, sorry.. 
This photo shows the overall effect as a whole. my holder husband decided the orange needed to be the binding.  He was very passionate about his opinion. I hate making a solid binding.. most of my quick quilting magic on how to join the binding strips together uses right side/ wrong side. I have a devil of a time getting all the seams on the same side of a solid binding.. frustration. so, as a result, I never, but I mean,  NEVER do a solid binding. this time I put an x in ink pen on the "rightside" and joined away... totally worked... hooray!
I used an awesome vintage print on the back. I love this quilt. Its really rare for me for me make something and really feel like it "worked". I usually donate quilts of this size to charity. This one I'm keeping. Its going in my "someday those step kids of mine will give me grandkids" Pile.  I love its general good feeling. Informal, Happy and Functional. More than that, I'm also really pleased with its Composition and Negative Space.
 I took pics in my garden and at the Venetian in Hillsboro Oregon. We go there often for lunch, its a converted Theater with this old projector on display.  I love it there, its so comfortable and relaxing. they have big garage doors that slide up in the summer. its just wonderful.. 
Thanks for letting me shoot my quilts there.
the Venetian and Quilters Rock!

Splat Quilt

Untitled by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
Untitled, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
well here it is! I finally quilted the spalt quilt as part of my June is UFO month agenda. Im pretty happy with it and it was really simple.

I used  Annie's Farm stand Orange big dot as the backing and a great simple pale stripe for the binding. 
Im pretty thrilled about how it turned out as a first try with this method. I know I'll be making and doing this style again.
Its great after about 10 years of Quilting to finally feel as though I'm coming into my own as a quilter. I'm finding my voice :) happy me. 
About a year a year ago I received treatment for some previously untreated chronic medical issues.  I can feel the difference. I can really see it in my work as well. I originally made this top about a month after receiving my first treatments. when I look at this quilt. I see healing.
Quilters Rock!


 I went from this to a finished quilt in 3 days... well, finished except for the binding. 
My husband went to the gym and I: finished a top, made a back, loaded it up and quilted it! zip! bam! Boom! I'm trying to get some good practice in on this new design.  
The DS quilt blue print is the binding.  I've attached it and then basted it. I'll hand sew it down  over the next couple weeks while I watch TV.  I mentioned to Hubs that I was going to machine the binding and he said "what? Its too good for that." Im excited to show it when its finished.. 
I mean really finished ... 

Quilter's Rock!

My Latest Finish

detail by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
detail, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
Heres a little detail of my latest finish. I'm trying to learn how to edit and produce better photos of my quilting.  Now that I'm teaching freehand frame quilting over at Modern Domestic PDX I'm trying to get them better photos of my work.

I haven't done much this week other than home stuff like install a cabinet in the powder room,
cook, ...Oh I found out I want a Chiweenie! a Chiweenie
Ate Kale at Veggie Grill- yum! tomorrrow is lentil soup - im am so there... :)
Joined up with the Low Volume QAL and started cutting fabrics ... and ...darn it! start a new quilt project.
well, so much for UFO month... Im obsessed at least for the next couple days..
quilters rock!

is it anything??

IM pretty happy with it and the Straws are a striped sheet from Pottery barn that I love...
it matches FMF perfectly.
I'll be making lots more starws for the margins and I already have a quilting plan...
Sorry for the crap phone photo...
Quilters Rock!

JUNE WIP update week 1

Next in the binding que... WIP by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio
Next in the binding que... WIP, a photo by Rachel @ 2nd Avenue Studio on Flickr.
So status is good.. .this is finished and on the bed. 
I passed one project on to a thrilled finisher. win/win if you ask me. 
I finished:
 3 charity quilts bound 
1 experimental delight  I bound by hand and is finished 
1 queen sized fun patch (at top of post)  
still unfinished: 

1 quilt -(above) with binding unattached but cut and sewn. I'm going to hand finish this one so all I have to do is attach that binding and then put the quilt out by the couch for TV time. It was an experiment I'm thrilled with so stay tuned..
1 quilt -I didn't touch at all - bummer.
I cannot tell you how boring all this machine binding is... seriously, snoozeville! I am so sewing next week... 

I have to go to Ikea (that is an all day trip for me) along with errands in town this week, time may be a bit short for sewing for the rest of the week but I'm working on it.

Next on the list:  I have about three tops that need finishing touches, I look at them and I'm uninspired and they just lay there like a drunk coed and I don't want to touch them....  so its time to decide. Finish them up or toss them... 
I have another 7 tops (small) for charity and a handfull of other tops, but I think my biggest need is to get rid of the dead projects/unfinished/leftovers/ etc.. I need to decide what to finish or what to ditch... 

I have a project on the wall that needs completing.. I'd like to at least work on it a bit this coming week. 
In general I feel really great about all the work Im getting done. I love this idea of UFO focus. 
click the UFO button if your interested in more information. 
I'm goal oriented! woot
Quilters Rock! 

June is UFO Month.

Not the Alien Space kind but the UnFinishedObjects. Im planning on not buying a whole lot of new fabric and use what I have to finish my GyNORMous Pile of projects that need to be tossed, passed on, or finished. First Im attacking the PILE of binding "to -dos" I have 5 quilts to bind. One for me, the rest are charity quilts that just need to finish and get in my Donate Pile.  
This is one that I made and with leftovers from a bed sized project 15 months ago. I gave it to a friend to bind for her charity.  Life and Family prevented either one of us getting it done. Now I have it back and will finish it for charity. 
I'll be working on finishing projects that require sewing next. But I bet a bunch of them leaving my life unfinished... and frankly, Im good with that. I want to make room for  the great Ideas I want to work on next.
I loaded a quilt on to the Handi Quilter today and am halfway done already.  I'll be quilting quite a bit this whole month as I have a pretty large stack of quilts that need doing... 
my count right now is 6 projects that need binding thats what Im working on... I'll be back on Wednesday with results from my first week . 
But so far, 
1 project has moved to a new owner.
Sold 6 yards of fabric (reducing my stash is part of my plan) 
Identified 6 quilts to bind with binding done and waiting.
1 finished quilting and loaded another on the quilter. 
Mostly I've managed to get binding made and focused myself on the task at hand. So far, so good.

Find out about PROJECT UFO over at Cut to Pieces or by hitting the button in my side bar. 
I'm only commiting to June, But I'll revisit for July, I take  August off , September, and the rest later but I bet I could do this for a few months. 
I have a bunch of research I'm doing for my next few projects and seriously, I can hardly wait to get to them. I dont want to dwell on the past too long... moving forward is what I want to do .... 
I've been filled with the spirit of community and am kinda loving how supported I feel by my fellow sewers.  I don't talk much about my life outside of quilting on my blog but we have had some personal challenges lately, and I've felt supported and buoyed by my friends. 
Quilters Rock! 
Thanks you guys,