100 Quilts for Kids - Final count 2012


Well, I have 14 quilts ready to go. Less than I hoped but it's something.  I have lots of rec's  and tops made so I expect I'll do better next year.  I also didn't count the 3 we did as a group at the Seattle Meetup. No body has seen those 3  yet and they won't get handed in on time.

I'm entering them into the 100 Quilts for Kids Linky Party. I've already entered 2 of them and this is my third and final entry. I'm not entering 14 times.  That seemed like over kill. because I'm lazy.  Last year I won a great GC, this year I just wanted to play along  again. I don't expect to win anything.
Sarah over at the linky has the odds in her favor, she killed it this year!

I keep a book of my charity quilts. I number them and document where they are going.  4 of the quilts this year were partially made (the tops) by others.  The other 10 were made by me alone. A few of them are small for stroller or carseat or as changing pads.  3 are whole cloth practice quilts.
These quilts are #68 -81 since I only started documenting a few years ago.  I wish I had the follow thru to photo every Charity Quilt effort but I just can't get motivated to shoot and edit every one.

All the quilts get a "care label" stamp or actual label  and some get a 2ndAve Studio stamp, but not all.

Here is my hope for the quilts:
 That babies and youngsters get to live,  play, cuddle and enjoy them. That they help create for children a safe environment of healthy love and calmness so they grow and learn. All the quilts that I have been finishing lately will be going to the Children's Relief Nursery. They help at risk youngsters get the best and healthiest start in life.
now to bed!
Quilters Rock!