A New Dog

Well its 4 months almost since I posted. That long really? yup. err I have no good excuse. Nope non at all.
Lets see; .. 
I finished the the above top and have been quilting it for weeks. I think I've been working on it since October.  Wha?
I started another top.

A  letters quilt. 
I've made some baby charity tops.
There was the week I got the flu and the week it took to get better. 
Holidays and hanging out with my friends. 
Teaching Frame classes over at Modern Domestic.
But mostly, Ive been hanging out with my Mom and our new dog Dieter Diaz.

I'm also micro blogging over at InstaGram quite a bit - @2ndavestudio, that's me so if you want to follow me there, that's where I am.
As I get things finished, and do more than walk the dog, lunch with my elder, and sew projects in process I'll be back posting.  
Quilters Rock!