Quilt Hexing Beast

I love Hexes. Love them. I read Jacquie's Post about machine piecing a Hex Top and had to try it.

I first did this red and aqua "trial".  I decided in my infinite wisdom failure to read directions that I should put aqua "petals" around red "centers" and join those. Don't do that. Just follow directions and sew rows, then join the rows.
 I also never did manage to press it.  I decided to just quilt it and it worked out okay, better than I expected. Folks trust me when I say this: Do not try this at home! Full disclosure I also think I loaded it onto the quilter side ways and the rows go top to bottom. Boo. Hiss.  But it was my first attempt.
The  next Hex I made is larger both in hex size and finished top size. crib sized vs baby.  It was a snap and after I got a few rows together I started pressing the "done" rows so it more manageable. I get easily overwhelmed with pressing, what can I say. So, the directions say "its easier to not press". I know this because I went back and read them completely.
 I would leave the row I was going to attach to unpressed but press finished seams.  Oh this top is Flat and Happy. Its going next to be loaded onto the quilter.

The latest quilt to get finished and off the quilter is this... another string quilt. Im calling it Spring Rain.
 I also finished quilting this for charity.

It includes some vintage alphabet fabric that I think really sparkles with other low volume fabrics.

The stitching is that great Denyse Schmidt inspired figure eight. Oh that is this years charity stitch of choice. It goes so fast. Nails everything down. Washes up great and looks so good.

That's all the Quilty news from my studio.  A couple of Weeks ago I went to Quilt Market and met so many great folks. My IG has jumped to 300 followers, which for me is amaze balls, I'm so happy at the response to my making.  I love quilting and am so happy to have found like minded folks. yay!
On IG im 2ndavestudio- come follow me, meet my dog and see what I'm eating! 
Quilters Rock!