Twizzle your Buds on the Insta Face

Well, I've been living life and before I know it, time gets away from me. I can't believe how long it's been since I posted, but here I am.
I've been curating the Monthly Quilt Show at Modern Domestic as well as teaching. I still check in on My Elder daily and keep my hubs clean and fed. the rest of the time I'm free to sew. 
 When I looked at the blog, I thought it needed a bit of housekeeping so ....
I  created a Blog Page for Some of my Quilts, the most recent ones from the last couple of years.

I  added an InstaGram Button, if you want to see my charming dog, fabrics,  studio shots, and work in progress that's the place to find me these days.  Please follow me there.
 I'm a pretty boy #deiterdiaz 

 I also added a Subscribe by Email button. I post mostly major finishes, so if you want to stay informed please think about subscribing.  I've signed at least one release lately, so there will be exciting ( to me at least) news coming.

84 x 104 super huge #DSQuilts #denyseschmidt scrap quilt top completed. I'm not a completist so I don't own a complete line of anything - I used a lots of different lines. This is for my bed.

A set on fickr HERE of my quilts up to 2012 will let you see my past work all in one handy location.
I'm having a grand time sewing with friends and creating work I'm proud of.  How's your new year going?
as always- Quilters Rock!