Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash by you.

In the past I would be drawn to greens, aqua, blues when I went shopping... I just wanted to add that to my stash.
Now: it's grey.. I am loving the grey.
Last week I went shopping at Fabric Depot, a supermarket sized fabric store and one of the great perks of living in the Portland area. I got these fabrics.. maybe half yards of the patterns and the Kona grey is yards- maybe 3.
IMG_1117 by you.
So ... last Sunday I hurt my back trying to get the garden going... Completely out of commission.
Bed ridden week of boredom hell followed...
Today I finally got out to the garden and planted my lettuce and onions. My mom came over and helped me, she did good but she really hates getting her hands dirty and was done the minute it sun got low.

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