a quick update

It hasn't been above freezing for a couple days and I can tell you I'm getting plenty sick of it.

the fountan or water feature is almost completely frozen.

This is my fast baby quilt pattern I am making a bunch of for the Give a Kid a Quilt program.
Its super fast and the perfect size for a baby. I can use up a bunch of FQs and they are super fast.
Im kind of excited.. I've made 3 so far.

I haven't gotten hardly anywhere on my Xmas quilt for my step son... so I am working on that tonight. Hopefully it will come together soon.

Quilters Rock!


Purple Paisley Patch said...

Can you send some of that ice down here please, it's stinking hot and sticky, very unpleasant indeed!
Love the baby quilt, the rocket fabric is Ace.

Lesly said...

We're got that frozen stuff, too - I've had enough already! Love that rocket fabric.

Sam said...

It was so icy here that when I stopped by Joann's for some fleece I couldn't get out of my car. There was no where to hang on to get to a safe spot. I had to drive around the parking lot looking for an ice free spot (or a tree near enough to grab). Purple Paisley Patch - you can have my ice!