What to do.. What to do....

•Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross
•Text HAITI to 25383 to donate $5 to International Rescue Committee
•Text HAITI to 45678 to donate $5 to the Salvation Army in Canada
•Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele
•Text HAITI to 20222 to donate $10 through the Clinton Foundation
•Text HAITI to 864833 to donate $5 to The United Way
•Text CERF to 90999 to donate $5 to The United Nations Foundation
•Text DISASTER to 90999 to donate $10 to Compassion International

Clean water ...the dead buried... and preventing the spread of shit borne disease... that's whats needed. Food might be nice too.


jacquie said...

feels good to do something...doesn't seem like enough.

Anonymous said...

What are you working on?