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Thanks to everybody who left comments on my last post. I received quite a few private emails as well. So happy to know I'm not alone.
I'm an avid reader of "Things I want to Punch in the Face" and I think I had just left their site when I wrote my post. I meant it as a funny, not a personal finger point at YOU. I got a couple humdinger private email rants about the constitution and artistic imperative... :grin:

Its a week of anniversaries - 3 years ago we closed on our house, 4 years ago I started on Flickr and 15 years ago I met the man who would nearly a decade later become my husband.

Monday is my day off.. Long ago when we were doing a renovation I would take off Mondays to rest up from whatever hard labor I had done over the weekend. Its a bit of a tradition that stuck in our house. I tend not to sew or do much of anything. Yesterday I went to a Sewing Workshop where I volunteer and assist women with their sewing and quilting so today I am really taking it off. I'm tired.
I've spent the day watching Documentaries... Recently, a new channel started "the doc channel". My tivo is working overtime. Man, I love Docs!! today I saw a great one on circus freaks and sideshow performers.
Quilt wise - Im working on my potholder for the Modern Quilt Guild Exchange.

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Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said...

Sometimes rants are good. They make us feel better. I had never hear of the blog you mentioned - funny stuff!