all better..

all better..
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The doctor declared her growth cancer free.... she was kinda surprised the biopsy came back clear.
Today she had a bit of a bounce in her step. .. and she barked at me to do her bidding.... so she must be feeling much better. She can be kinda bossy, honestly, I don't know where she gets it from..:D

Kinda thrilled about this..... squeee! They grow up so fast! even when he is alarming close to 30..

Sew Katie Did and I swapped fabrics way back when and I am finally using the last of the charms and scraps. I used the other parts of these scraps in my spare change quilt ( set on flickr) and Saturday Night at Modern Domestic I cut the last of them up for the rings quilt I am working on.

Today my DH and I went to Farmington Gardens before taking my Mom out to dinner for a belated Mothers Day. We took First Street out of town and right past the Jackson Bottoms Wildlife Center we came across this field of clover. I love living so close to the urban growth boundry. Love it!

Quilters Rock!


Amy said...

Glad to hear she's all better! She looks so cute all snuggled up there. :)

The Calico Cat said...

So glad she is better!
BTW SAIC is completely different "around the Beltway"
Science Applications International Corporation
So I was quite confused for a minute or 2.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of ordering some more of those birds. Glad the little one and yourself are tucked in and healthy. Those dogs can worry the hell out of you. Can't wait to see the ring quilt!