Too early?

Stellas food stand and Mollys ashes... On display. Our little
memorial. My husband I have agreement. We trade "death duty".
Last time he made all the decisions and the other spouse can't
kibbitz. He chose ashes, I chose group cremation and I'm making a
memorial quilt.


Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

hi, Just stopped by your blog from a handi quilter search.. did you know you come up #5?.. anyway.. saw the part about your sweet Stella and wanted you to know that I know you don't know me from Adam (eeer Eve) but I am sorry about the passing of your sweet Stella. We have a sick Great Dane right now who is our baby so your loss of Stella touched me.

I had come by for your handi-quiliting.. I am new HQ owner.. thanks for all you post.. i keep my stuff over on my blog.. and will be adding you to my links :)


Splendorfalls said...

I am nearly shedding tears about your Stella. I'm so very sorry!

Your story really struck a chord with me and reminds me a lot of the relationship I had with my dog Idgy. Got her in college and she made it until the month before I got prego with my daughter (she's three now). She was 13.

I still miss her dearly. I think your memorial is a wonderful way to remember the awesomeness that is great pets.

Do take care; all my best. - Mary

Megan said...

It's never too early to remember and memorialize a wonderful companion. So sorry for your loss.